Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food and More Food

it is a rare sight to find us wandering around Midvalley on a weekend because we don't usually like to go there - don't like the crowd and the parking!

but we HAD to go there for shopping last Sunday and were at pains to figure out where to have our meals!

i found ourselves in the secluded corner of Gardens after wandering around and contemplating what to eat ... and into Alexis we went.

my secondary choice of Caesar's salad @ RM18. not bad, i must admit. you can' never go wrong with caesar salad ... why i chose this was because i've been craving for salads @ DELIcious!

YB, being the adventurous one, and to my horror, chose the Nasi Istimewa @ RM25. i was surprised by his order. like, huh??

to his dismay, the rice was dry. ugh. i didn't like it. such a shame, really, because everything else was ok. but i don't really like eating fish with sambal piled on top of it!

then come dinner time. initially we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens but the queue, as usual, was long. so we thought DELIcious would be the next option, but to my horror, service was ridiculously bad.

we stood inside, waiting to be seated. we stood there like idiots because no one bothered with us. no one wanted to make eye contact with us and no one wanted to bring us to a table. i didn't want to seat ourselves down because, what if i have to wait for the menu and what if they don't acknowledge our presence?

after 5 minutes of standing there like a fool, we left and headed to chilli's, only to find the queue pretty long!

with both of us feeling fed up already, we found ourselves in Oh Sushi - just to feed ourselves dinner before we head home.

some ramen with 3 chillis by the side (on the menu) to grade its spicyness. it was more on the salty side, *shudder* ... it was bad.

i chose the tempura bento and we enjoyed the garlicky fried rice the most. it made me want to have fried rice for dinner everyday, though that would mean having to cook it! =P

pictures from wayyyyy back:

braised chicken with rice in this shop which sells herbal tea, across from Uncle Lim's in Ikano Power Centre. i don't remember the name of the shop but you'll know it when you see it. we were attracted by the size of the chicken piece but it lacked taste. =(

dry chilli pan mee and traditional pan mee soup, together with fried sui kows. if you've heard of Face 2 Face, then you'll recognise the cutleries. =) if we're not eating nasi lemak in Village Park @ Damansara Utama / Uptown, Face 2 Face will be our next default makan place. a meal for the both of us cost sub RM20, fancy that!

there's a reasonably authentic japanese restaurant on the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall. i can't remember the name! but anyway, once upon a time i picked YB up from work and we went for lunch. that was my sashimi set which was ... *thinks hard* ... not very pricey, definitely less than RM30? i enjoyed it!

YB's choice was value for money, a set inclusive of a bowl of udon and chicken katsu with rice that was about RM18 or RM20. good eh?

OFF ON A ROAD TRIP TOMORROW, WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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