Saturday, April 17, 2010


(that's for want of a better title!)

watched How To Train Your Dragon last night and like everyone who recommended it, it was entertaining enough to keep you in your seat. =) the dragon, however, reminded me of Stitch in Lilo 'n' Stitch.

i noticed a family of four seated on my right, 1 boy and 1 girl. both probably around 4-6 years of age, and each with their on packet of crisps! but they were quiet during the movie, so at least they were well-behaved. although i wonder what are the odds of feeding your kids snacks for a midnight show. oh well ...

i'm absolutely knackered from the dive lesson this afternoon! what does 2.5 hours do to you is just amazing: hungry and tired. i napped while YB prepared dinner. i couldn't open my eyes just yet, when my alarm rang ... *groan* ... i guess i will be more exhausted tomorrow as i will run in the morning, and dive lesson in the afternoon ... goodness.

my buddy reminds me of how i was when i first did the OW course in KK, terrified. his eyes shifted around nervously, he hesitated when he was asked to repeat after the instructor. he was clearly unused to breathing through the mouth and regulator ... doing things with his right hand when he is left-handed, etc. =) ... with a patient instructor (yay! again, i am relieved), he is lucky to be given the time to practice and get it right.

the instructor says i am kicking wrong. *narrow eyes* i do try, ffs, honest! but he says i keep kicking with my knees when i should be using my THIGHS. fek, my thighs do feel tired now, ok!

k, i'm still tired.

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