Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab Fri!

woohoo it's friday and for once, i'm just looking forward to the excitement for the coming weekend. *does a jig*

i think it also helps that work has been ok, not so bogged down, so yeah. that helps.

i just signed up for the NB Pacesetters 15k. *excited*

a colleague asked me to be a Pacesetter member, and YB said he's not interested. *stares at YB* so i'm contemplating whether i want to be one or not.

oh, and i'm attending my 1st diving lesson (confined dive) tomorrow bah. hence, the excitement. i'm going to have the instructor ALL TO MYSELF. HAH! what say you? i'm sure i'll be able to overcome my fear (and trauma?) soon and get certified.

i mean, i have been receiving a lot of encouragement from diver friends. i guess it helps that they didn't laugh at me for failing *sniff* but instead, told me to try again and i'll enjoy diving then?

so, YAY ME!

on crochet: ZOMG i really feel like a granny with arthritic hands. arggghhhh ... the pain in my joints are so annoying. it's due to gripping the cloth part mmkay. gahhh i should rub some ointment on them and see if they'll feel better. and zomg i never knew that one project could take up soooooo much time that i really doubt i'll finish up steph and joanne's surprise gifts in time. =(


i can't believe it's april.
i shall publish my Wish List for my Birthday soon. *cackles*


  1. yay! good luck for your diving course... we shall go dive together one day, you will like it!

  2. haha thanks!
    i hope i can start soon and get certified by end of the month.

    yr hubby don't dive?

  3. hehe, nope.. only me & my friends dive.