Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Pressroom at BSC.

last thursday, my team was invited to have lunch at The Pressroom, courtesy of one of our business partners.

the inside.
it was pretty deserted when we arrived at noon. but the place soon filled up by 1pm.

each person was given three menus. 3. the small one listed its available beverages and dessert was listed at the right bottom corner. the medium sized one, in my opinion, provided you with the list of food at a reasonable price. the large one basically consisted of all its choice of food and dessert.

i was rather annoyed with the menus. and i managed to get some parts of it wet as it would hit my glass of cold water. (yeah, i'm seriously a klutz!)

everyone ordered their main course.

Double Lamb Chop with 'Bubble & Squeak' (RM45.00) and my colleague thought it wasn't filling enough!

steak? not too sure! but it looks pretty lonely on its own. =)

the ONLY pasta they had on the menu! but my friend insisted on tomato based sauce instead of its carbonara.

Grilled Seabass with Ratatouille (Rm35.00).

my Crispy Salmon thingy i think. that kept me quite full for the entire day! the only thing crispy was the end bit where flesh was thinner. not too bad.

not too sure what salad this is, but it was DRY.

then come dessert. everyone choose their own and i didn't know what to choose. its ice-cream selection was priced at RM12 for 2 flavours? there was almond, pistachio and hazelnut. my colleague was utterly gutted when she couldn't taste the butterscotch sauce that supposedly accompanied the ice-cream!

savoury desserts are usually priced at RM16.

and i choose the Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice-cream, thinking it would be something like apple pie and ice-cream.

i was wrong.
i was so disappointed with it, i wanted to cry!
but no, i finished it, just to be good.
even though i honestly, didn't enjoy it.

if you google, i'm sure you will find better reviews for this place, so don't take my word for it.


  1. Hey I've never tried their food there, good? Pics here look good though! Hmm Apple dessert no good huh? Hmmm their baked chocolate pudding wasn't fantastic either (The Apartment ones were much better) so can we conclude Pressroom isn't a place for dessert then? heheh!

  2. u know what? i wrote the post half asleep! i realised today that i didn't really elaborate. the food was so-so, depending on what you order. i think the lamb chop, and fish were good.

    from blogs, it seems like the Wagyu Cheek is good.

    definite no-nos: salad and dessert.

    i forgot to put up a pic of its iced Cappucino, which my colleague said was good (and strong). i had the citron presse which was nice and sour!

    apparently it's the same management as La Bodega.