Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meng Kee Char Siew

last thursday, a group of 4 girls and 1 guy ventured all the way to Glenmarie, Shah Alam for some porky goodies.

when we arrived at 1230pm, the place was already packed. customers were standing around, waiting for tables.

the char siew stall.
the chicken stall, serving steamed white chicken or roasted chicken. we opted for the roast chicken for 5.

the plate of yau mak we ordered.

and the plate of char siew for 5. is that a lot or too little? now this was the first plate we ordered, which was quite fatty indeed.

but the sweet crispy skin was superb, and it sticks to your teeth!

afraid that we hadn't had enough, the guy ordered another plate of char siew and roast chicken of 2 portions each. walau!

noticed i didn't even bother taking picture of the chicken? hehe.

but this time round, the char siew was MUCH BETTER than the first serving. cos it was still hot, and less fatty. *drools* lurvely~

a close up of a piece of char siew for you to study. =D

even the older folks enjoy them porky goodies!

the side entrance which leads to a parking area.

the bill came to about RM70, which isn't that cheap after all. surely you can have better char siew at a more reasonable price?

before i forget, do tread carefully in the restaurant as the floor is rather sticky. you don't want to trip and fall into someone's plate of char siew!

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