Friday, April 23, 2010

Ole Ole Bali

Mont Kiara Solaris can be rather daunting for some, and that includes me. the area is filled with various posh looking places to eat that you're never too sure which one will give you the best satisfaction.

To name a few: Bon-Ga, the Korean restaurant, Golden Triangle, Ole Ole Bali, Bavarian Bierhaus, Michelangelo.

Bon-Ga? wasn't our thing. after making a few attempts of trying out Korean food here and there, YB and i finally had to concede that Korean food (in KL, that is) ain't really our thing.

Bavarian Bierhaus has pretty good pork knuckles, BUT the dish does not come with sauerkraut and mash potatoes! (we went there last year, so i'm not really too sure whether they have changed the menu. but honestly, RM60+ for pork knuckle should surely come with its complimentaries?)

YB and i have finally declared Ole Ole Bali as our favourite reliable food place. we've been back to Ole Ole Bali for several times now and we keep ordering the same food!

my ultimate favourite is the Grilled Seafood Pasta. i love it to bits! the taste of slightly burnt squid, prawns and fish ... mmmm ... awesome!

YB never fails to order his Avocado Shake, which, i have to admit, is also very good. refreshing and ... i always steal a slurp or three!

honestly, i can't remember what this is called, but i think it's ok. i shall have to try something else the next time i'm there! (their portions for the combo can be quite huge, though.)

i've also tried it's Soto Ayam at RM14 for a small bowl. if you're on a diet, you can always order that. =D

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