Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mt Erskine, Penang

the view from my maternal grandpa's grave never fails to take my breath away. every morning, he has the lovely view of the coast of Penang ... and if you look carefully (not in this pic), you can spot the golden arches sign.

when i join my mum and her siblings for Ching Ming / Cheng Beng, i always make sure i bring a flask of hot milo for my grandpa. well, this year was the 2nd time i brought milo, anyway. and my aunts/uncles asked why milo, why not coffee? i hesitated right there, feeling sheepish. was i remembering it all wrong about my grandpa? was there something else (and so much more) that i didn't know about him? thank goodness my mum told them that my grandpa drank milo when he stayed with us.

i quietly apologised too my grandpa that i used 3-in-1 milo for him. hope it's not to sweet, i mumbled under my breath.

i felt so weird, trying to make conversation with him. apparently we're supposed to update him for the entire year we haven't visited. but i was honestly too self-conscious, with my relatives there. the only new thing he now knows is that my sister is now married. heh.

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