Thursday, April 22, 2010

New York New York

once upon a time, way back in January 2010, YB and i decided to look for this place which served triple cheese something-something in 1Utama's new wing. it was recommended by my now dive instructor.

but we couldn't find the place! nope, didn't have a clue where and which restaurant he was referring to so we settled for New York, New York Deli.

i'm sure we were pretty ravenous from a run that morning, or we wouldn't have 'indulged'. hehe.

YB ordered the Big Breakfast set, priced at around RM20? i can't remember. there were 2 lovely pancakes to go with the stuff, although that piece of beef bacon looked awfully fake.

YB was rather disappointed with his meal. he said it wasn't worth the price he was gonna pay for!

but i loved the pancakes.

i was rather pleased with my smoked salmon sandwich. it looked great, for the price i was paying for, but i honestly can't remember now. RM16?

if you've eaten with me since the dawn of time (well, since my exposure to KL food), you'd know that i would choose anything with smoked salmon for my sandwich, salad or pasta. =)
YB's cappucino. it looked appealing.
but expresso wise, not so!

overall, YB was really bummed out with his meal satisfaction that he wanted to send in an official complaint!

but it hasn't happened.
cos we're just procrastinators.

and this post proves it. hehe.

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