Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Slumber

don't get me wrong.
i take tons of photos but the hassle of borrowing someone's card reader to download/upload and edit them just puts me off ... =P ... but enough of making excuses leaving my blog plain and uneventful, i think i shall go and buy my own card reader... like tonight!

anyway, bad news is, i can't put scuba on my list of mission(s) accomplished. =( i got scared. sigh. and each time i think about how scared i was, i just sigh.

i so hate being a loser! =P

so i shall comfort myself by thinking of climbing mt kinabalu again or something, since i'm not a water baby. <---- excuses, excuses!

crocheting is coming along fine. i've just started on a project a few hours ago and let's see how long it'll take me to finish it.

my finger joints are aching, i have to admit. ughhhhh i hope i don't get arthritis!

i thought we'd go to Putrajaya to check out the hot air balloons but looks like my butt is happily glued to the seat and the crochet hook in my right hand ...

kinda itching to conquer some kilometres ... i've tempted YB with BKT for breakfast tomorrow if we go running in the morning ... =)

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