Thursday, September 10, 2009

NB shoes

Before Adidas' King of the Road, i was shoe hunting for a proper pair of running shoes so i browsed websites for some ideas.
And i came across this pair and decided that i wanted it! I have this tendency for pairing of pink/lilac and grey/brown colours, you see. gah! love it!!!
However, when i went into New Balance @ Sunway Pyramid and asked for this model, the boy stared at me blankly, "may i know how you got that model no?"
He said that Malaysia does not carry that model. what a bummer!!!!
so had i to make do with another pair, which was super light. i love it because it's light, but i still don't like shoes with too much white. blek!
But what the heck, i should be pleased that it is (was) 65% subsidised for the KL Rat Race run. =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

it's all about the food

my sister and fiance were in town last weekend and off we went to Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Centre for dinner. it seems like it's one of the restaurants on their list of must-haves when they're in town!

YB and i both shared this minced yam and tuna belly with rice. i mentioned that a friend of mine ordered this before (maybe 2 years ago) and i've been curious about it ever since.

somehow, we adjusted the dish with soy sauce and wasabi as YB said it tasted strange. oops!

we also ordered an avocado salad with miso dressing, RM18 for a small serving. it was interesting, with a hint of vinegar (to me!) and there were sashimi bits mixed with the salad and hidden beneath the dressing.

2 weeks ago, i met up with a gal pal to catch up over dinner. we tried Jake's Grill over at Medan Damansara, only to find that none of us were steak people! oops. so we studied the chicken and fish menu so hard but to resign to ordering a dish we wouldn't mind having. i can't remember what we had, but i know my fish wasn't very nice.
but anyhoo, there were photographs of famous people on the wall!

2 weeks ago, and just a few days ago, i had to attend a lunch meeting with my boss at Grand Imperial, Bangsar Shopping Centre. without fail, my client's PA would always order the roast pork (siu yuk).
it's simply delish! really crunchy!
and fatty, too ... but oh man, i love the crunchy skin!
i am craving for it now!

*tries not to salivate*