Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ho Hum.

my pink Timex Ironman watch, a pressie from YB last year.
my NB running shoes, 7-months old - still many runs to go. ;)

hey there, timing chip. we never took it off after our half marathon. found it our shoes a week after the marathon when we did a quick run. we never took it off!

it was only when i returned to KK for CNY that i took mine off and gave it to a friend, "Nah! my souvenir for you, a timing chip from my half marathon!" =D after all, he is enjoying running and is contemplating doing a full marathon One.Fine.Day.

caught this when i was having breakfast with my family at Jalan Gaya. thank goodness i didn't snort into my noodles.

"Bior" somehow reminds me of "BO" for body odour. =P

Monday, February 22, 2010

crochet - step 1

self-teaching via youtube is SO NOT EASY! either that, or i'm just blur.

i am determined to get started on something before i go to bed!!


pic of the 2 stray kittens we found wandering in my condo carpark. we fed it some milk.

close up of the one i named Furball. cos she's just so fluffy and reminded me terribly of cute kittie pics. ;)

will need to ask my friend (whose hubby insisted on adopting them) how are they doing now. and whether Furball is still adorable. ;)

i mean, kittens are always the cuter ones compared to cats ...