Tuesday, January 26, 2010


5 more days til February.
holy moly.
where did January go?

i enjoyed the KFC Zinger Tower burger (which cost RM7.45 inclusive of tax). with that tangy sauce AND hashbrown, mmmmmmm~

YB and i only tried it once and have been thinking about having it again lately. but to our horror yesterday evening, well, we're getting a bit tubby and that's not a good thing! so i told him perhaps we can have it after our Putrajaya Night Run next Sunday ... if we're good this week and the week after.

gah! losing weight is not easy, but maintaining it is. you just need to take that one extra mile in order to lose 1kg. and then what?=\

Strawberry Shortcake! pocket size!
saw this in Toys'R'us and immediately recalled the days of paper dolls kept in our pencil cases. aww, man ... it made me wondered if Joanne and i were friends in primary school, would we be seated beside each other in class and playing with our Strawberry Shortcake dolls and accessories. =D


i love this sinful dessert that is also now available at Ikano Power Centre. a box of 6 cempedak pancakes is selling for RM8, while the durian ones are still priced at RM10.

creamy ... sinful.

i've yet to try their Durian Cream Puffs, priced at RM7 for 3. hmmm.

i'm very sleepy now. got up early for a short run on the treadmill. *yawns*


  1. i really can't imagine if we were schoolmates, i think we'll be sent to detention all de time for chatting in class discussing abt our various collections. hehe.....

  2. wahaha!
    then when we get home, we MUST call each other up to discuss grand plans for the dolls? =D

    anyway, don't you think that's a modern version of Strawberry Shortcake? it's not like the one we know!