Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crochet Help.

Ooh Ooh! <---- *trying to sound excited*

i am SO getting a book and tools for crocheting! i AM going to learn it and be good at it and sell you all the stuff i make, well, if they're really good. i promise they won't be that expensive! hehe.

but i checked on MPH online and GAWD, the books are so expensive! thank goodness for and friends in london ... *grins madly* ... they are SUCH saviours ...

YAY to the long weekend!
initially i was worried that i'd have to do last minute CNY clothes' shopping on Monday but to my great relief, i managed to get something this evening! so that gives me Monday for spring cleaning. *cringe*

ok la, to bed i go.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


for some strange reason, i am thinking of learning how to crochet. o.O
am i becoming maternal?
oh well, it'd be nice to know how to do something feminine. i've always wanted to learn how to knit! (more like, when i was 10 years old)
now what lead to this crocheting idea is ... amigurumi!
it's SO CUTE!!!!
i wanna learn how to make them!
but but but ... i don't even know the knitting/crocheting basics, what more amigurumi??
*browsing through a tutorial now*
ok, crocheting doesn't look THAT easy now ...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


5 more days til February.
holy moly.
where did January go?

i enjoyed the KFC Zinger Tower burger (which cost RM7.45 inclusive of tax). with that tangy sauce AND hashbrown, mmmmmmm~

YB and i only tried it once and have been thinking about having it again lately. but to our horror yesterday evening, well, we're getting a bit tubby and that's not a good thing! so i told him perhaps we can have it after our Putrajaya Night Run next Sunday ... if we're good this week and the week after.

gah! losing weight is not easy, but maintaining it is. you just need to take that one extra mile in order to lose 1kg. and then what?=\

Strawberry Shortcake! pocket size!
saw this in Toys'R'us and immediately recalled the days of paper dolls kept in our pencil cases. aww, man ... it made me wondered if Joanne and i were friends in primary school, would we be seated beside each other in class and playing with our Strawberry Shortcake dolls and accessories. =D


i love this sinful dessert that is also now available at Ikano Power Centre. a box of 6 cempedak pancakes is selling for RM8, while the durian ones are still priced at RM10.

creamy ... sinful.

i've yet to try their Durian Cream Puffs, priced at RM7 for 3. hmmm.

i'm very sleepy now. got up early for a short run on the treadmill. *yawns*

Friday, January 15, 2010

Showing Up

because that's what matters!
you never know when your presence can just make someone's day. =)

attended a colleague's wedding reception last weekend, despite getting lost the first time round, and then getting stuck in the Jalan Kuching jam ... and stuck again when i made my 2nd attempt to get to this small kampung hall in Selayang Lama.

i had to call up my boss to ask how for directions.

and most of my other colleagues grumbled about the map being inaccurate, too! everyone was looking out for the Mercedes Benz Gallery Shop but there was none!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

random photos and updates.

on 29th dec, it was a colleague's birthday and her teammate bought her a cake and some candles to decorate a big '33' on it. can you see the 33? =)

cake was nice! it was from Chocolat World.

ok. that's 50kg worth of old magazines, some old chambering work i used to do and some newspaper. i lugged the whole damn trolley-full of crap to the recycling centre in Midvalley for some money

only to be paid RM12.24 in total.

hence, my new year reso NOT to buy magazines.

christmas, christmas!!
i am really so mean. not intentionally, you know! when the office was quiet before christmas, i realised that i hadn't made anything nice for the important friends in my life. so i panicked. i bought a label maker (for laughs!) and then decided to make this xmas card for YB as a surprise.

my colleague was amused when i showed him the final thing - a paper card made from scrap paper. wahahaha ... i am such a crappy girlfriend, i know, but hey, it's the thought that counts!

and the one thing i really enjoy the most, is catching him by surprise. so yeah, the handmade paper card and label maker was unexpected. *laughs and syiok sendiri*
i lurve these cookie boxes! sadly, i had to throw them away. i love the dots, i love the cursive writing, i love the colours ... and i love how my friend's wife knows what to buy for me!

which is, naturally, ANYTHING chocolatey.

and the cookies were delish! there were only 2 individually wrapped pieces in each box!
i don't know what lollipops these are. they look rather marhsmallow-y. mae gave YB and i one each when we met up with them for drinks before christmas! we haven't eaten them yet, as they look too cute to be consumed.

well, i'm always eating at the same ol' places i enjoy. Decanter at Jalan Setiabakti is one of them. if you go to the original one, also in Bukit Damansara, it does NOT serve banana peach crumble!

had lunch at Decanter, Bukit Damansara with Dot sometime, and food was kept to a minimal. do order the beef stew (and order extra soft rolls to go with it!) if you love your meat, or if you're like plain and boring me, the aglio oglio is great, too. i'm not sure whether we ordered the banana peach crumble ... zomg, i really can't remember!

dot, did we??

somehow, i think we did!

i rushed over to my beauty spa to sign up for its facial package (good deal with a 55% discount!) before the year ended. i did hesitate, because it's a hefty sum to pay as i couldn't pay by instalments. sigh.

took this pic of the fat cat on my consultant's monitor while i waited for her to process my payment (and secretly worried that my credit card transaction wouldn't go through!).

do these damn fat cats actually work?? i have one sitting on my tv console, facing my main door. *waves*

the occasional binge at DELIcious is a must.

once again, i found pictures on my camera as i was clearing it up. (i still have pics taken in 2008 in my memory card, that's how lazy i am!)

the caesar salad with grilled chicken was superb. i can't remember when we had this, but it must have been months ago!

anyway, on sunday, to mark the beginning of the new year (to be filled with uncertainties and more adventures to come), we decided to have dinner there. the objective was to order something we've never had before!
honestly, sometimes i don't know what to order when i visit a regular place. we tried the trio of bruschetta, which was very nice indeed. (i am running out of words to describe my palate's agreement!)

how i wish i knew how to make all this mat salleh food! ;)
we tried the duck confit and pomelo salad, which was pretty good as well. it was served with a quarter of a lettuce to go with it. (we tried to wrap the salad with the lettuce leaf but kinda failed. so i just shredded it into smaller pieces to fork the salad and lettuce together and chomp!)

we had the lasagne as a main, which i forgot to take a picture! uh-huh. we just gobbled it up - it was that good!

right. that's it for the time being.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 days into 2010

i am sleepy.
i can't believe it's the new year!
so many new things to do and will happen!
*secretly terrified*
ok, little reminders for a positive outlook of 2010, which i received via forwarded email today:
1. life isn't fair, but it's good. (very good point, indeed!)
2. don't compare your life to others, you've no idea how their journey is all about. (true... must stop being envious!)
3. call your family often.
4. what other people think of you is NONE of your business. (but!!!!!!!)
5. smile and laugh more.
6. don't take yourself seriously. no one does. (hmmm.)
7. your job won't take care of you when you're sick. your friends will. so keep in touch.
8. no one is in charge of your happiness except you! (but i need more money to make me happy?!)
9. remember that you are too blessed to be stressed. (the rhyme made me laugh. hahaha!)