Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Quick Chat with Siqi WU

Two Bays Trail Run 2014
It came as quite a shock to know that our running buddy, Siqi a.k.a. Ricky, a.k.a. Smiling Assassin, was leaving Melbourne so soon (this Sunday) to return to his home country. 24-year-old Siqi has been here for 2 years and recently graduated from the University of Melbourne. 

A few of us were lucky to have the opportunity to spend a little time with him for lunch today. 

Von: What will you miss most about Melbourne?
Siqi: That will definitely be the friends here.

Von: What about the trails??
Siqi: Definitely the Alpine area! 

Von: Dandenong's?
Siqi: Yeah! Pretty good.

Gary: Surf Coast!

Von: Among the trail events, or running events you have done in Australia, which one is the most memorable one for you?
Siqi: Memorable one ... I would definitely say last year's Buffalo Stampede when I got lost and while climbing Mick's Track. It was already dark and it was raining, I couldn't see anything. It was right after 14 hours of running. I got lost with a bunch of guys.

Mucking about at Buffalo Stampede 2014.

Von: How many events did you take part in (Australia and New Zealand) since your stay in Australia?
Siqi: About 15 to 20. I have done 2 events in New Zealand. This year, I did about 2 events per month this year.

Von: If you were to return to Australia in the near future (very soon again!), which event would you like to do again?
Siqi, Oh, definitely Alpine Challenge! That's my only DNF, 'Did Not Finish' race.

Von: Which distance would that be?

Jon: He would not leave home for anything less than a 100 miles!!
Bin: Yeah!

Siqi: I think 100km is pretty good, but if I can, I might try the 100 miles. To do it now would be beyond my capability, I would say. I did not finish that 100k race and I need to finish that!

With Yuan, after they both completed 2015 TNF100 Australia.

Von: Do you have any pre-race food you prefer to take?
Siqi: Uh no. When I did my first 100k race, the Great North Walk 2014, I only had 2 pieces of white bread toast. I couldn't get anything when I was there, there was no supermarket nearby the area.

Von: What was the first event you ever took part in?
Siqi: Ah, the Sri Chimnoy Princes Park Winter Running Festival 20km. It was just 10 days after I first arrived in Melbourne.
Von: That's hardcore. :)

Von: Ok, so among all the events and all the road trips you took with Jon Lim, what do you remember most?
Jon: He doesn't, because he slept through all the way there, and slept all the way home.
Siqi: Hahaha that's true!
Siqi: But another thing is, what I remember most is always having KFC after that.

Von: OK, I'm going to ask someone else. Jon Lim, what do you remember most about Siqi during your road trips, besides him sleeping all the time, what did you learn about him?
Jon: What did I learn about him ... You'll have to come back to me on that, I've got to think about that.

Von: Alright, I'll move to Gary Cheong.
Gary: How I'll remember him? He's the Smiling Assassin!
Von: Yeah, but I remember you mentioned picking him up in You Yangs (for one of the night runs)?
Gary: Oh yeah, I was driving to You Yangs and suddenly, I saw him on Branch Road. He was running from Little River train station. I thought I was picking up some girl, but it turned out to be Ricky  ...

At 2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

Von: OK, if you had a chance to organise an event back in your hometown or home country, where would it be, and what distance would you design it for?
Siqi: That's a good one. I'm not sure about the location but it would be a self-supported one, you have to self-navigate, there would be no markers, ..

Everyone: Woahhhhhhh

Von: Isn't that rogaining??
Siqi: It's a bit like that but I want people to have really good knowledge about navigation, how to use compass and how to read maps. I think it's a really useful skill and I learned a lot (about it).
Gary: We shall look forward to a fat ass event organised by Ricky back in PRC!

Jon: What I remember was, is that I've never seen you (Siqi) tired in a race. You're either moving really fast, looking happy, or you might be walking a bit, but when I see you walking, you're suddenly running again. I've actually never seen you plod along, like, "Oh, I'm so tired."
Von: But you missed him taking a Trail Nap*!

Then we all got into a discussion as to when the Trail Nap happened, whether Jon was there, whether it was before or after Jon took a video with Siqi, when did the Wild Wombat Fat Ass take place, when did Jon took out his GoPro out on the trails, etc. 

22 August 2015: Having coffee after lunch.
Photo courtesy of Gary.

It's amazing how time flies. We can't believe it's just been 2 years since we got to know one another!

Just April last year, a few of us (Dion, Anthony, Isaac, Jon, Bin and I) teased Siqi that we'd set up a Facebook page to find him a girlfriend - and a few days ago, he reminded me about this project. Haha! In my defence, I did say that he might have to fly us over to his hometown to allow us to kick off the project from there. :)

We wish Siqi all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to having him back on Australian shores. 

*Isaac came across Siqi taking a nap on the trails during the 2nd loop of Wild Wombat Fat Ass. He said he was so tired that he decided to take nap then and there!

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