Friday, June 26, 2009


i wake up to the news that Michael Jackson IS dead. he died of a heart attack whilst practising for his comeback ... on noes!

i'm sure all of us followed his life journey and wished him the best, always hoping that he'd wake up and come out of his shell. of course, ponder about the truth in all the rumours about him.


i remember when i was 12, andy's dad brought him and i to a sleazy nightclub (i say sleazy cos what was i supposed to think, about a smoky place where everyone wore miniskirts and drank? hey, i was just 12!) to catch an MJ impersonator.

at that time, honestly, i thought it was really MJ. cos he had the looks, too! i was awed by the guy's performance. he did the crotch touching thing ever so often, and moonwalked, and "AWW!!" at the same pitch as MJ.

and andy was really excited! he would moonwalk and sing along to MJ's songs.

my favourite album has always been BAD. loved the music video for BAD, and its parody. hehe. oh, my MJ cassette got stolen in primary school!! =(

i really hope MJ RIP, though. it's been battles after battles for him for the past few years.

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