Thursday, December 31, 2009

Part 1 of 2009

hi hi hi!

it's the last day of 2009!
oh noes, another year gone by oh so quickly!

don't you just hate it when it ends just like that? thank goodness that for this year, i'm not moping about it. instead, i'm doing my best to count my blessings and look forward to making 2010 a more happening year for me!

now if only i have next year's calendar with me so i can look forward to the public holidays ...

so anyway, time to count my blessings in 2009!



#1 - first and foremost, i bought myself the Canon EOS 1000D, to be paid by 12 instalments with my HSBC credit card.

#2 - YB and i visited Zoo Negara and felt bad for some of the animals stuck in their small enclosures. the flamingos and eagles have all the freedom, ok!

my fave shot (and probably my best then!) taken with YB's zoom lens.

i fell in love with the otters. they were so adorable!

ooh, vain pic of me during CNY. got my sis to take a pic of me. =P

#3 - CNY in KK, i met up with my ex-secretary for tea. her treat! so next year, i'd better treat her to ... hmmm ... i just want roti kahwin and hainan coffee! *om nom nom nom*


#1 - we went up to Cameron Highlands for the long weekend. did my best to try out my boss' macro lens (which i then bought from him 2 months later).

we also hiked up to Gunung Brinchang, but sadly, there was no awesome view of the valleys below to greet us. hmmm. we would to try out another trail the next time we're there.

the next day, i remember sitting in the car with YB in total darkness as we waited for the sun the rise ... it was eerie! and cold.

#2 - took YB to see the Tugu Negara, but it was closed. oh well.

#3 - we also visited WC's place in Putra Heights (dang far from my place, you know!), to say hi to baby Violet. ;)

MARCH 2009

#1 - the highlight of our 1st half of the year was our trip to Siem Reap!!!! awesome! i want to go back there again during the cool season!

we didn't finish exploring Angkor Wat, with only 2 hours alloted!
but our favourite would have to be Ta Prohm, where the filming of Tomb Raider took place. ;)

#2 - when Ken & family came back from Perth for a short trip, we arranged for a surprised (early) birthday party for WC. woohoo~! it almost backfired as Nadesh&Nina arrived at my guard house the same time as WC & family!

i'll have to say that March 2009 was one of the best months!
my bonus was quite impressive too! =D

APRIL 2009

#1 - celebrated Steph's birthday at Decanter a few days early. whee~! Dot and i enjoyed the banana peach crumble, yums!
and only did we know that Steph doesn't really eat white desserts. it has to be chocolate! o.O

#2 - visited Broga Hill in Semenyih for the first (and last) time with Dot. it was hot and the trails were busy! we feasted with our hard boiled eggs and boxed milk drinks. =D

#3 - met up with 2 old primary school mates, Marie & Latricia for dinner at DELIcious, 1Utama. thereafter, we did our best to meet up every now and then.

i'm sure there were other things that happened. surprising Joanne for her birthday weekend at Dave's, 1Utama. food was good, as always. but i don't think she was that surprised, hehe.

MAY 2009

#1 - my birthday was spent in Ipoh. we had dinner at Indulgence, a nice bungalow but half-cafeteria and half-almost posh sorta setting. i was disappointed with the setting as we were dressed up - when others could just come in with their bermudas and t-shirts!

dinner was ok. no couple pic because we look shites.
when we got back to YB's parents' house, they later surprised me with a coffee cake. haha! it was really unexpected! =)

#2 - mother's day weekend was spent in Melaka! doing the tourist stuff as usual, eating chicken rice ball, walking along Jonker Street Night Market, visiting places.
it was extremely hot, that's all i remember.

JUNE 2009

#1 - my first ever indulgence of spending a good part of my bonus money on a GUCCI bag. it was very painful to the wallet, and yet i wasn't completely satisfied that my bag was one of a kind, because it is no longer in production. (or something like that.)

i bring it along only when i'm travelling say, back to Kota Kinabalu, oh, and Singapore ... and around KL when i need to bring my camera, along with my water bottle... and shawl. ;D

i don't think i'll be buying another one next year!

#2 - went along with my colleagues for a friendly bowling competition with our service providers ("SP"). our team won top place!

but that's because the SP weren't allowed to win the team category. =P
#3 - hung out at VK's place when they were back. i simply adore his son, KJ, who's eyeing baby Violet, and she's eyeing him in return!

#4 - attended Ian's wedding at Equatorial Hotel. i looked fat. euws.

#5 - our 1st 'marathon' together! we signed up for the 10k for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 and made it in good time (personally)! it was a mad experience, as i didn't think i had it in me.

i was impressed that i didn't stop to walk, although i did slow my pace down a bit. the last few km, when you're coming down jalan tunku and towards Dataran Merdeka was tricky! we thought that, "heyyyy we're getting there already! cool!!!!" and quickened the pace.

but to my horror, we turned left onto Jalan Raja Laut and then only made a u-turn at Jalan Sultan Ismail to go on Jalan TAR towards Dataran Merdeka. gawd. that 2km was torture!
of course, i don't think i could've done it without YB keeping me company by my side, when i know he was itching to run off without me! =P

now for the 2nd half of the year ... later!

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