Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pic of the day: croutons.

this is for dot! =)
i attempted to make my own croutons last week for my salad. turned out to be ... not bad.
will try again soon.

england and english.

a number of people close to me commented that my english is really awful.
doesn't matter.
my boss once said it is bad like shites, too.
last night, someone mentioned something.
today, another person mentioned something.
i fail to see the humour in their comments and yes, though constructive criticism should be accepted with a pinch of salt, it really does suck.
i guess i should sign up for english classes for adults.
what to do, i didn't score an A for my English 1119 during my Form Five. *shrug
see, there goes my grammar again.
and even my vocabulary is shitty.
i should change this into a photoblog, eh?
less words, the better?

Friday, June 26, 2009

mille crepe @ food foundry.

in january 2009 (yes, that's a really long time!), my team (colleagues) and i went to have lunch at food foundry at section 17, pj ... just because i told them that i read somewhere (blogs, most def!) that the food was interesting, and that their dessert was very good!

so off we trudged on a friday afternoon, to a quiet corner of happy mansion, section 17. food foundry turned out to be a very modest coffee shop.

one of my colleagues chose the prawn aglio olio, which turned out to be spicy and VERY salty. we all tried some of it and agreed that it was definitely too salty!

she requested for a change, but somehow, the new plate was still salty. ack.

now this is mine, which i have conveniently forgot what it's called. it was definitely tastier than my colleague's, but a tad too spicy. (arrabiata?)

we thought perhaps the original chef was on leave and his replacement was doing everything all wrong.

the guys had chicken chop or lamb chop or something, but my pictures weren't impressive, so they're not up here! =D

then came dessert. the most important verdict for my colleague. hehe.

the original mille crepe, layers and layers of crepe put together with vanilla cream in between. at first taste, it was rather milky. but gradually as the taste grows on you, you'll enjoy it!

RM7 a piece. or is it RM8? gawd, i can't remember.

as chocolate addicts, we definitely chose a chocolate flavoured one. and once again, milky at its first taste, but as it grows on you, you'll enjoy it, nevertheless!

my colleague returned to food foundry again to give them a second chance. be that as it may, their food was still salty!

so i guess there's no going back there, unless it's mille crepe for tea/coffee on a saturday afternoon.


i wake up to the news that Michael Jackson IS dead. he died of a heart attack whilst practising for his comeback ... on noes!

i'm sure all of us followed his life journey and wished him the best, always hoping that he'd wake up and come out of his shell. of course, ponder about the truth in all the rumours about him.


i remember when i was 12, andy's dad brought him and i to a sleazy nightclub (i say sleazy cos what was i supposed to think, about a smoky place where everyone wore miniskirts and drank? hey, i was just 12!) to catch an MJ impersonator.

at that time, honestly, i thought it was really MJ. cos he had the looks, too! i was awed by the guy's performance. he did the crotch touching thing ever so often, and moonwalked, and "AWW!!" at the same pitch as MJ.

and andy was really excited! he would moonwalk and sing along to MJ's songs.

my favourite album has always been BAD. loved the music video for BAD, and its parody. hehe. oh, my MJ cassette got stolen in primary school!! =(

i really hope MJ RIP, though. it's been battles after battles for him for the past few years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


someone trying to sell some timesharing thingy called me last week. he irritated the hell out of me when he kept referring to me as "Madam" not only once, but at least 5 times in the entire conversation.
when i declined his invitation, he gasped in shock, "but why, madam? you're the first to say no! everyone i called said yes, madam."
"firstly, it's because you keep calling me madam."
"secondly, i don't have a family to bring to that whatever that is."
"thirdly ... not interested la."
then the guy says, "oh, so sorry, ma... i mean, MISS, blah blah blah."

"oh, and how the heck did you get my number????" i snarled.
i so hate these random calls. i know that they're doing their job but gawd, they always call at the wrong time!

Monday, June 22, 2009

no fluey, pls!

a lil tickle in my nose
a lil tickle in my throat
is it the flu bug?
i need to take care of me health for the marathon this sunday, be it that it'll be my first time doing the 10km. =P