Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bookie

I am now the 'accountant' for the World Cup Semi-finals matches for Uruguay vs Netherlands and Germany vs Spain but it's a pretty small pool! i just find it strange that i'm this year's bookie. Two years ago, someone else played the bookie for some football thingy.

oh, on another note, i really don't like auditors. they're so annoying! i think i may have offended my sister and her bf the other day when i mentioned it, hehe.

there's this one girl who loves to stand so close to me, right in my space when she asks for documents and stuff. she also has this habit of wanting to look over my shoulder as i go through my computer to locate the damn soft copy. what is her effing problem? audit the documents i give you, not my damn filing system in the hard drive la!

yeah, there's one right here who came over 5 minutes ago.


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