Thursday, July 29, 2010



come Tuesday, the KL Rat Race will be my final 'competitive' run and then what? what do i do? do i sit and relax or do something else?


the thought of not forcing my butt off the chair every alternate night worried me and so last night, i went on an online surfing spree, checking out what events to consider joining for the rest of the year.

phew! i came up with a tentative list with YB and so, cross fingers, we will have a running event to attend at least once a month til 2010 comes to an end! and unfortunately, the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 is not on our list of consideration, seeing that it falls on YB's dad's birthday.

*longing sigh*

anyway, the aim of all this running for the rest of the year is a) to be able to maintain a 5.5 min/km pace for 10km without huffing and puffing; b) training up for our first full marathon in 2011; and c) to be as close as possible to being a lean mean machine! =D

collected my running vest for the Shape Run this saturday and gawd, i dislike Reebok's choice of material oh so much!!!!!!! phhhhbbbbbt. and *gasp* orange stripes by the side?! euwssss~ what a horror!

our Runs for 2010 so far:

1. Putrajaya Night Run in February - 21km
(our first half marathon and we enjoyed it!)
2. NB Pacesetters 15km in May
(it was a really bad one for us. really really really bad!)
3. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in June - 10km
(our 1st anniversary of our 1st run we joined and ran together =D)

in July:
4. Ipoh International Run - 21km
(our 2nd half marathon, but the exact distance was 20.3km! it was a lovely run, though)
5. BHP Orange Run - 11km
(free registration. a good run, too. and free nasi lemak at the end of the rest, whee!)
6. Shape & Men's Health Night Run - 12.3km (this saturday at putrajaya! i hope it'll be good!)

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