Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back To Reality

So the wedding is over. Boo.

The surprising thing was, I didn't really have a mountain load of work greeting me on my first day. Lucky!

The nearest place that I can grab a sandwich for lunch on weekdays is O'Briens. I was never a big fan, honestly, but the first time I ordered a Hot Shambo, I fell in love!

Probably because a) the bread was warm; b) there was cheese; and c) there was mayo and mustard inside. noms.

The second time I ordered a Hot Shambo, so happened a crazy lady was there, holding up the queue with her order for Mee Siam. I've repeated this story several times and now I don't feel like doing it here. (I'm bored with the sound of my own voice, yeah?)

We finally had a bit of a breather once the Ipoh reception was over. We spent some time with YB's friends from Singapore, took them to town to try the White Coffee and Shredded Chicken Hor Fun. Someone we ended up at the wrong shop, because one of his friends was certain it was the one!

Everyone bought boxes of Salted Chicken as souvenirs, but I must say that it wasn't great at all. I was pretty disappointed! (Now those who bought it must think we have such lousy recommendations!)

The IN-Laws took us to a coffee shop called Ah Chow's, somewhere in Old Town, for kaya & butter toast. It was pretty good, for Ipoh AND KL standards! Of course, I still think the Roti Kahwin in KK kicks butt! ;D

We walked along Concubine Lane to get to our parked cars. It wasn't a planned tourist visit, mmkay. Apparently it is a popular spot for photographers, especially for wedding photography.

We were supposed to come here that morning, after the tea ceremony but after a session at the train station, I was too tired to consider. Thankfully YB agreed with me - the weather that weekend was just too hot!

We went to Lata Kinjang in Tapah as YB has been wanting to go there ever since ... we started dating? So, finally we had the time. (I was very reluctant at first because I didn't have my swimsuit and sports shorts and hiking shoes and ... basically nothing outdoorsy.

Eventually I bought a sports top and a pair of tights (which makes me look chunky, by the way) for the occasion. -____-

I would have been happy just staying dry and reading my book but YB wouldn't buy it. hmmfh.

ANYWAY, i'll be more prepared for our next visit. I want to get to the top!!

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