Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running Gear Isn't For Dancing

Two Sundays ago, the four of us did a 14km run with the idea of kick starting our running engines after a long hiatus. I felt unfit (and still do, which is frustrating the crap out of me) but what is there to do, besides getting back into training mode? *sigh*

We went to Bandar Menjalara for breakfast. While waiting for the rest to join us (well, just Melvin), we tried out the Dim Sum at a coffee shop - just because it was crowded and we were starving.

It was RM77 for 6 adults. Not everything tasted great, mind you. But not too bad!
(Note: The yellow wonton skin is a bit of a scary, to be honest.)

Poor baby was grumpy. He fell off his bed just before they came. He preferred staring up at the colourful umbrella to engaging in a conversation with boring old me.

Our next stop was another coffee shop down the road which served a good portion of Western breakfast. For RM5.20, you get some spaghetti with 2 pieces of bacon/ham and egg. For RM15.50, you get some spaghetti with 2-3 pieces of lamb.

I really want to go back there to try it the next time! I can't remember the shop, but the wan tan noodles were not bad, too.

Last Thursday evening I met u with the ex-TC2 gang. Someone brought some duck for snacking and it was goooooooooooood. The smoked duck was gooooooooooood. It was from Saujana Golf Club, if I remember correctly. Noms indeed!

For lunch on Friday, my colleagues and I walked all the way to Lai Foong coffee shop. I tried the chicken rice this time, since I recall someone telling me it was not too bad. I think I should have chosen the beef noodles ... the chicken and roast pork just wasn't aromatic enough. *shrug*

Yesterday was a busy day! I dropped by to visit Dot and her little one. The baby is such an adorable one!!

Dinner last night was at 6 to 10 Grill, which moved from Section 17 to Damansara Prima.

I remember YB telling me about this place and to be honest, it was my first visit.

Someone ordered the Nasi Lemak with Pork Rendang. I think it's RM13.50.

The thing is, I already had a late lunch/early dinner with Steph at BSC's Chilli's, and we had margaritas too. I settled for their pumpkin & tomato soup and garlic toast.

I love pumpkin, but it had too much pepper. =S

Service was pretty messed up and slow - they say it's because they had only moved over for a week.

We had drinks at ... a pub in Damansara Perdana. That was our first round - watered down Hoegaarden. So disappointing.

Next stop was at Brussels Cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara. There was no finger food at midnight. Not even a slice of tiramisu. *upset* Anyway, they guys tried Belle-vue which they said tasted like cough syrup. It was on the sweet side, you see. Hehe.

(I came home and ate my Red Velvet cupcake in bed while they continued off in search of Bah Kut Teh for supper!)

Oh yeah. Saturday afternoon was an interesting one.
I accompanied Steph to check out a pole dancing studio in Ampang. We were regaled with performances from the instructor and students and boy, was it entrancing!

I liked the lap, I mean, slap dance better because it looks like something you can do at home. ;)

We had a go at pole dancing, just to see what you'd be signing up for.

To be honest, me in running gear, I looked like I was on the way to the gym instead of a pole dancing class. I felt so unsexy. And in heels, too. *laughs*


Nevertheless it was good fun and we worked up a sweat. Phew!

But my knees, oh, my poor knees.
Why can't we do it with knee guards? *sniffs*

I enjoyed swinging around the pole the most! =D

And nah, I won't be signing up for it just yet.

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