Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baking Frenzy For CNY

 And I'm still not done yet! HELP!!!
Why must I be so ambitious? Why did I think I could do it, bake cookies for Chinese New Year for the families?

.I started since Friday night, before my nose failed me. It was slowly getting blocked, and I knew I was going to lose my sense of smell and tasted.

Or should I have just given up?
I stomped my feet when YB told me to "just buy the cookies".

"I told my family that I'll be baking them cookies," I insisted.

 cornflake cookies

 OK, I confess that my Friday night baking was a disaster, and I blame it on the main ingredient I used. I tried a shortcut and I failed. So, I'll have to redo a fresh batch all over again.

On Saturday, I proceeded to make cornflake cookies instead, which turned out alright. It wasn't the taste that I was going for. YB finds them a bit too sweet and I agree. The sweetness comes from the cornflakes. Hmmm.

 ugly looking pineapple tarts but taste SO good.

 Why must I be so bloody ambitious? Yes, you read me right. Pineapple Rolls, for goodness sake! I'm just a beginner, for crying out loud!

My Sunday evening was spent baking these babies, which turned out ... let me eat one now and see if I can find a justified description of it.

Erm. They DID taste yummy fresh from the oven, I swear!

Now they taste just OK (to me). *frowns*

I need to find the recipe for the melt in your mouth ones... *wails*

But it's not too bad, I guess. If YB likes it, I guess my in-laws will be OK with them, too. Initially he was complaining that they were a bit too sweet, but now they don't. I guess the rolls take a bit of time to settle down or something.

(I can smell Indomie right now ... someone's making supper and it's not me!)

 pumpkin puree soup with fried chicken.

Sooooo much work for pumpkin soup! And yeah, chicken looks pathetic. I'm really bad at frying stuff. But I love pumpkin and the soup was yummy, but definitely not for someone who's on a diet. Tsk tsk.

That was our dinner on Sunday night. The chicken was marinated with cumin seeds, garam masala, dark soy sauce, pepper and salt. It was stuck in the fridge for 3-4 hours before cooking.

Mushroom Lasagna and beetroot with white beans salad thingy.

Let's look at food which are much better presented.

The other day, YB wanted to eat out at Ben's General Food Store, at Publika. I think it's because he keeps seeing pictures of the food there on Facebook, or because I kept telling him about it?

Well, I've only been there once and I thought there was no harm in going there to try something new. YB chose the lasagna, which I think needs to be shared. It's rich and filling, definitely best shared.

chicken pie with limey barley and white mushroom salad thingy.

I opted for something else, although there was nothing else I wanted to try. Oh, I wanted to try the pizza but wasn't too sure if we could finish it.

The chicken pie was a bit dry inside, I won't recommend it. A friend of mine once ordered the Moroccan Lamb Pie and found it a bit dry, too. 

The salad was very interesting. I can't imagine serving it as a salad for my family or the in-laws, though. Hehe.

Happy Chinese New Year to you, if I don't catch you online again before then!

Work was ridiculously CRAZY the past 2 weeks that I'm so relieved it's over! We were busy computing whether we achieved our KPI for 2011 and completing our appraisal. I just had mine today with my supervisor and he has submitted it to the unit head who will review it with the head of department. Bah!

p.s. I hope I don't get mopey during CNY ... it will be different. I miss home soooo much! My sister has reminded me that I'll be the last to have met my niece (her daughter)! SIGH!!!! But we'll be back in KK during the Thaipusam weekend, anyway. ;)

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