Friday, April 5, 2013

I Swear It's Just Hormones

I was just about 10 steps away from the lift and the guy who was there first, got in.

He saw me from the corner of his eye.

I reached the lift just as its doors closed.

In a singsong voice, I yelled to the guy in the lift, "You a$$hole! A$$HOLLE!!!!"

I'm sure he could hear me as the lift was just about to go up.

Hormones are killing me.
I am so easily emotional over the slightest things. Like, if you come and tell me that you think I'm an awesome friend or something (*choke* which is rubbish, I know) I'd probably tear up. Even watching a sappy scene on a sitcom could bring a tear or two!

I was also about to cry during an earlier scene in Olympus Has Fallen where the President wife dies. Sniff. I'm glad my friend who sat next to me didn't see this or she would have laughed at me. (She always laugh at everything I do, which annoys me to bits. But I can't tell her that because then she'll say I'm snappy because of hormones.)

I haven't been sleeping well for the past week, and it's pretty swell timing. The time I need quality sleep the most, it fails me. I've been waking up in the wee hours of the morning, tossing and turning, and it just annoys me to bits.

If I listed every thing that has bugged me to bits for the past entire week, it could be a long one. Unfortunately, I don't have a category for 'Rants' for this blog so I must curb my incessant ranting. The idea was to coax me towards happier thoughts instead of ... er ... non-happy thoughts?

Anyway, what's up, peeps? How ya doing?

It has been a week since last weekend (wow, this is lame) and it has been exhausting! I'm sure the lethargy and lack of sleep doesn't help matters but sigh, I did try. 

For my last 2 training runs, I was opting for a slower speed interval training and a slow 8KM run. When the day came, I decided to stick to the speed intervals and take it slow the next day.

But when a friend comes and cajoles you into running with him for his run, and no matter how hard you try to say no, if you are a doormat like me and also secretly enjoys a bit of challenge, you know you're in deep shit  trouble.

I ended up running 4 laps of Lake Gardens with him, and I felt great but guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

I was supposed to taper, not stick to a sub-6 min pace, mind you. *pulls hair*

My quads were (and still are) furious.

"First, the speed intervals and then longer intervals? What's with you??" Right Quad and Left Quad growled. 
"Taper, woman, you're supposed to T-A-P-E-R," Right Quad gave a involuntary twitch.
"You're stoopid." Left Quad huffed.
"I'm hurt, remember? I'm supposed to rest!" Left Knee mourned pitifully.

I am stoopid. =(

To happier thoughts.

I've got a weekend trip coming up in 2 weeks and I'm excited!

I will be going to Chieng Mai with a group of colleagues. It's known as the Champions trip, a gift from the company for the sports representatives who won first place in events. As I was part of the winning team for the Mixed Category for The KL Rat Race 2012, I am lucky enough to be part of this trip. =D

How much money do I need for a 3 day weekend in Chieng Mai? Is RM300 enough? I'm sure I won't be shopping much!

And I'm glad I will be back in KL by Sunday afternoon because, er, I've got to do a long run. Heh.

And then I'll be off on another holiday the following weekend.
April is sure a short month for me!


Back to gloomy thoughts.

1. I can't find one side of calf compression guards. It's so bloody annoying when you're in a rush!
2. My muscles are feeling so sore that I swear the bloody timing of *it* all is going to be just ... fantastic.
3. Just 6 hours daily of interrupted sleep this whole week does not help matters.
4. I'm worried that my left knee has put my entire body off-balance. I should see a physiotherapist soon before it gets worse, right? Right.
5. I am very very very afraid that MWM will be as bad as PNR 2012. It will be a tough mental challenge to make sure that it is not a repeat of it.
6. They say never to give up when you haven't even begun the race. But I am tired. *whine* I don't feel like it!
7. My birthday is next month and please don't give me chocolates.

Yeah, I threw in the last one just to give you a heads up. Hah!

Anyway, anyway.
I'll be seeing some of you this Sunday at the Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia Women Marathon @ I-city ya? I'll be that frowning aunty in a blue running dress and black/pink cap but do say hi so you can distract me from my pain and worries! I generally look very unapproachable because my features are llike that I don't smile to myself very often. So when I'm not smiling, yeah, people just stay away from me.

But SERIOUSLY, wouldn't you think I'm crazy if you saw me walking around with a smile plastered on my face, smiling at no one in particular?


  1. First... OK, must make mental note that your birthday is next month (David Beckham's birthday, right?) and arrange for chocolate delivery. *rubhandsinglee*

    Second - wah. Win that Rat Race and get to go Chiang Mai. So nais to be the elites. ;)

    Third - Woman! You're having hormonal imbalance just like a pregnant woman does! o.O Got your period already ah?

    Lastly, ALL THE BEST for Sunday!

    I'll be far, far, far behind you! :)

    1. Noooooo it's not here yet and noooo I don't need chocolates, thanks!!

      Yeah, I feel like a pregnant woman with natal depression of some sorts, with no place to vent. LOL!

      And you will do splendid lah! Hubby going to pull you across the finish line some more. Don't cry, k! :D

  2. All the best for the run tomorrow Yvonne =) Hugs!

  3. All the best girl. You'll do fine. Hope you get a good night sleep tonite coz that'll definitely help out a lot. ;) Keep safe ya.

  4. So much for removing the notification in FB ... hahaha!

    Go out there and kill the streets of Shah Alam!