Monday, April 1, 2013

Food Filler Post

I really want to talk about running but I know you don't want to hear about the same thing all over again and again (about my worries and woes, etc) so I'm throwing in pictures of food which were taken recently!

As in, the month of March.

Looking at the collection of pictures in this post, I'd be horrified if these were my meals for an entire week. So ... fattening. *horrific gasp*

Silver Spoon, Publika

After all these years of having their only outlet in Bandar Menjalara (known as Silver Spoon Trattoria), they finally opened one in Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Both Hsu Ann and I wanted to carbo load for our Kenyir Tri and opted for some pasta.

She had the duck confit angel hair spaghetti and the verdict was just so-so. 

I opted for ... something fettucine which I don't recall the menu mentioning a poached egg nestled on top.

I don't remember much but I don't think we enjoyed our pasta.

The tiramisu had a strong hint of alcohol, which I enjoyed. But I was too stuffed to finish up my half and requested Hsu Ann to finish it up.

Our bill came up to RM70+ with just glasses of water accompanying our meal. :D

Arenaa Diner, Jalan Tun Perak

I was there with my colleagues who wanted to try out the place as they heard from another colleague and I that we tried it before and enjoyed our meal.

This time, I ordered their signature Sloppy Joe beef burger (RM12) and iced lime juice (RM1) to go with it. As usual, it was hard to finish up the tall glass without feeling too bloated!

The burger was indeed sloppy, with chilli spilling out but ooh, it was divine!

And who did I bump into but Michelle who was having lunch with her colleagues, too! :)

Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama

It was a long time since I went there for their nasi lemak. Some say that their nasi lemak is overrated and there are other outlets which serve much better ones. So, no one has brought me to these other outlets so I can't tell.

As far as I'm concerned, Village Park's nasi lemak is good enough for me as the chicken leg is a good size.

I was with Seng Chor after our GCAM run clinic on 16th March 2013, if I'm not mistaken and the place was crowded as usual.

Coffee Stain, Solaris Dutamas

It was my first time there alone and for dinner. Usually I'd visit the place with Andrew and Kenny for brunch on weekends, if at all we'd meet.

I was craving for some salmon and thought I'd try their smoked salmon spaghetti.

I also wanted some garlic bread as appetiser, not knowing that it would be a huge portion. (RM8)

I felt like a glutton when it arrived.

No, it wasn't fantastic. I was disappointed to find the bread mostly cheesy.

The spaghetti was not fantastic nor was it horrible, though no fault of the smoked salmon, I'm sure. Don't think I'd order it again.

Namoo on the Park, Publika

I've been here before just once, with Kenny for brunch and was eager to come back for a second try.

I didn't expect to find myself there, in search for a coffee place after dinner. My friend wanted to try Coffee Stain's coffee but it closed on a Monday night!

I ordered their specialty cake - Sweet Potato cake (RM10.90).

It was ... like eating sweet potato.

It was so filling that I just couldn't finish it, nor was my friend of any help!

As it was an acquired taste (it made me think of buying sweet potato to nibble!) I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't have 3 other friends to assist in finishing this one slice.


Wheat Field Bakery & Cafe, Pusat Bandar Damansara

Right after run clinic yesterday, I decided to drop by at Wheat Field Bakery for their breakfast set for just RM7. A slice of bread and croissant to go with the Italian coffee was a perfect setting for a nice relaxing* weekend.

Ever since I came across this place last year, I haven't had the opportunity to bring some friends over to eat with me. I was there again in January and that's when I knew about their RM7 breakfast deal.

I also bought a Red Velvet Swiss Roll (RM12) which I found to be awesome. Nobody seems to want a piece of it so can you guess how many slices have I had so far?

Laid out on my Cath Kidson apron!

Somewhere in Ipoh

I had tea yesterday afternoon with my other set of parents (i.e. The In-Laws) in some area called Cempaka something. The coffee was good, but the bread was bad. We could taste the sugar in the spread of so-called kaya.

Today's coffee at the breakfast place was good, too but food was fair. I can't remember where we went but it's not important. :)

Hope you just had your meal before looking at these pictures!

*it means a weekend where i don't wake up early for a run on both Saturdays and Sundays. i never realised how much better my back and shoulders feel yet my legs are not used to the luxury of resting. i was tempted to clock a 5KM run tonight but refrained myself from doing so.

there is always tomorrow...


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  2. I ate too much pie yesterday and was supposed to skip lunch today but heck, these food pictures are making me hungry. Stick to a running post next time, please ... LOL!

    1. well, the collection of food pictures once compiled here terrified the crap out of me - so much fattening food! LOL!

      no one will believe me now when i say that the food here were mostly consumed after my LSDs! :P

  3. So naiss... Go out to nice eateries and eat so much nice food oso. *drool*

    I'm just stuck eating at home for most days last week wor...

    1. this is a month's worth of eating out la. lol. i realised i had to stop or i'd go bankrupt!

      apa lagi when they end up not being yummy enough. waste money :'(

  4. challenge accepted. going to eat the sweet potato cake by myself :)

    1. after your proper meal, k!!!!
      don't cheat. :P