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Hainanese Chicken Rice and Cheap Burgers

It's true when they say that working in the heart of KL city provides one with abundant food places to go. But when you're spoilt for choice or you're just bored with the choices you have, that doesn't help matters much!

And whether they are tasty enough and of your money's worth, that's another requirement to comply with.
Along Jalan Hang Lekiu just across from Segi College is a coffee shop which serves Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Get your table and the uncle will take your order.
The view from our table that day. Segi College is located to your right of this picture.

My colleague was ravenous!
He ordered the 3 types of roasted meats, chicken, char siew and siew yuk.
Served with rice and a bowl of soup - RM10.

The chilli was yummy!

I opted for 2 roasted meats for the price of RM6.50.

I suppose if you chose just one type of roasted meat, it would be RM5.50? I'm just guessing!

The chicken rice here tastes so much better than the one at the coffee shop situated at the corner of Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and Jalan Tun Perak.

Arenaa Diner, Arenaa Mountbatten Hotel

Further down Jalan Tun Perak is Arenaa Diner. The same colleague whom I had chicken rice for lunch with recommended this place for cheap burgers.

Retro American diner design!
Burgers for less than RM10!

The place was packed with the working crowd.
Cheap eats in an air-conditioned place, what do you expect? :)

My colleague ordered the beef burger topped with an egg (RM9 + RM1). Including a drink of Iced Lime, her meal cost RM11.

I ordered the Chicken Scallopini and added an Iced Lime to my meal - RM9 + RM1.

The Iced Lime was fantastic, by the way! It was just the right taste of sourness which made it a very refreshing drink.

We observed that the pasta ordered by some patrons looked rather, uhm ... let's just say that the burgers are probably a better option. And we can't wait to go back to have them again, instead of spending that much money at McDonald's all the time!

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