Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 In A Nutshell

As the year whizzes by and comes to an end, as much as I wish I could freeze time and go back to, say, June, December is that time of the year for reflection and to remind yourself of your blessings.

2011 - Kota Kinabalu Waterfront

Looking back to my new year resolutions, it is no surprise that I have not kept to any of them. Hmmfh.

That's me, the ultimate procrastinator.

"In 2012, I shall try to do the following:
  • finish up and send out my half-written letters. - No.

  • finish up my unfinished crochet projects. - Nope.

  • tidy up my cluttered life. - Ha! More cluttered than ever.

  • improve the cooking experiments I've done so far. - Only the brownies!

  • keep training for that sub-2 half marathon, just in case. Who knows? - Nope."

Despite the lack of determination on my part, at least I can say that I had loads of fun and excitement.

I've wrapped up my running achievements for the year, so right now, it's time to reminisce the good and bad of 2012 in terms of other aspects.

#1. It was my 1st time spending the first few days of Chinese New Year with YB's family. My sisters and I were chatting on whatsapp most of the time. It was hard being away from my family, especially as a married woman! Instead, we went home during the Chap Goh Mei period where I met my niece for the first time.


Photo credit: hubby's

#2. In March, I was informed that I was promoted, but effective April onwards. The slight increment in salary was not too bad, but let's hope next year's increment will be equally good or better!

#3. My birthday gathering at La Teh, organised by the hubby. The cake was superb!

Photo credit: hubby's.

Once again, the hubby does the organising - he knows none of my friends have ever thrown me a party. *sniff*

Prior to that, it was back to KK for the weekend. This time, I spent more time with the squeezable round niece. :))

There was a blackout at our area and the house was SO warm. We took turns fanning the little princess. -_-

#4. Then off to Perth for a week with some of my close buddies down under.

Lunch the next day after we arrived. :)
I think we were wandering around Penguin Island.
Photo credit: hubby's.

Missing my friends and kids, that's for sure. :)

#5. A dive trip to Tioman in June. Didn't see much but it was great to be underwater again, and a road trip with friends!
Photo credit: LeeCH
Photo credit: Wendy Chia
Food wasn't great but a road trip with these people are always fun.

#6. Completed The Most Beautiful Thing 25km trail run in September with the hubby. Eeks.

Photo credit: KC Leong
It was a fantastic experience and it was pretty fun to be running together. Race report here. (Ok, it doesn't belong in this post, but I just can't help marking it as one of the most fun and unforgettable experience of 2012.)

[Somewhere in between I'd also like to say many thanks to Skechers Malaysia for giving me an opportunity to test and review their shoes. Thank you, thank you!]

The GOrun Ride.

#7. First holiday trip with the BFF.

Photo credit: Joanne.
Coconut pudding @ Chatuchak Market
Photo credit: Joanne
Somehow the weekend in Bangkok turned out to be quite tiring and not very successful in terms of shopping. What a surprise. There was a lot of walking and eating involved. =P

#8. Celebrated niece's first birthday!

Cranky monkey was just recovering from chicken pox
I can't believe how big she has grown!
She's happily running around in her walker at home these days. :)

#9. Was one of the mid-year top performers at work and was given a Samsung S3.

It was the blue one! Very nice!
But it arrived a week after I painstakingly bought the HTC One X. Ouch.
So I sold the S3 off 2 weeks later. =P

#10. Was asked if I would accept my appointment as Paulette's godmother.


Me, god-mum??

Time for me to practice handling kiddies, then. :)

#11. Had a car accident, first time ever.

I am more annoyed with not having a car to travel around to and fro places. It really impedes my mobility and independence.

I really hope it'll be repaired by January!
I've got badminton and running and work to go to!

#12. Spending Christmas and the New Year in Melbourne. :)

Enjoying the lovely blue skies and burning off some calories along Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. Spotted some curious llamas afar and they were so adorable!
If you look yonder, that's where we took our couple pic.
Baby Isaac turned 1 on Christmas Eve. :)

I'm not sure what 2013 will entail, but I know that it will be equally adventurous, nerve-wrecking exciting and stressful busy.

I won't make any new year resolutions for 2013, seeing how rubbish my track record was for 2012, but I know what I will, must and shall be doing for the first half of the year:

a. Run a marathon (God help me! Ze Pacer can help me too, please and thank you.)
b. Join an overseas trail event (CAN'T WAIT!!!! Can someone sponsor me a bigger hydration bag and shoes, please and thank you.)
c. Make the transition by mid-year. (Nervous. Terrified. Will miss everyone loads!)
d. Lose weight (This is an annual dream, so no point putting it in writing!)

*takes a deep breath*

Most importantly, I hope you will stick with me throughout this journey because I'm a coward scaredy-cat chicken shit - it's not going to be easy, but it's doable.

Let's make it fun!


  1. Yes, go run that marathon! And all the best in your resolutions. Me, I'm not making any cos I never ever keep them! LOL!

    1. LOL, Nick!
      To kickstart training again is going to be a tough one, grr!!

      And those ain't resolutions, phew. Just plans for the first half of the year :)

  2. You achieved so many fabulous feats in 2012 and should be so proud! Congratulations on your promotion, on all your amazing runs, on being an aunt, and on living life itself! I am beginning to think that New Year's resolutions are over-rated. The most important thing is to live in the moment and love. May 2013 be a great year of living for you and Bin! Lots of love & hugs - Happy New Year!!!

    1. HEY JAIME!! I want to say that you're extremely brave to take that jump into your new endeavours and I think that's simply amazing! I don't think I have the courage to take that leap, so, good on you!!

      Wishing you an amazing and adventurous happy new year ahead! xxoo

  3. It doesn't sound too bad. You had a great year indeed.

    1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, young man!!!!!! :)