Friday, December 21, 2012

Bintang Hill, Segambut

It was about 700m of an uphill climb before I reached the top of one peak.

Good morning, Segambut!
The air was cool and at 730am, don't think there isn't a crowd!

Free gym, anybody?

If I'm not mistaken, Bukit Ketumbar has a similar set up. :)

I can't remember where I was facing, but it could be Segambut Dalam. *squints harder* Definitely not Desa Park City.

Looks like Desa Park City. Or isn't it?

Where was I?
I don't know!

We decided to check out the empty plot of land and found ourselves at Persiaran Prima Pelangi. There's construction on going and it seems like they're building luxury condominiums.

For a moment I thought it was an abandoned project.
It turned out that it was just quiet on a Sunday morning where the workers were on their day off.

We walked right past the construction site and out onto the road (Persiaran Prima Pelangi) to find our location. Later on I recognised the Prima Pelangi Condo as well as Rosvilla Condo. 

It's funny how developers are building luxury condos on any empty plot of land they find, clearly for the purposes of reaping profits. They don't give a damn about access road into the area or its lousy surroundings.

Assuming you stay around this area, one of the ways to get here is through the Mont Kiara way, past the Garden International School and into the slums of Segambut. It's not a pretty sight, but hey, yet the properties around the area are sold at a premium rate!

I digress. 

The trail is pretty short and you will need to run at least 2 rounds for a good workout. We only covered 4.3km but it sure took us slightly more than an hour.

I wouldn't mind going back there again, since it's just in my backyard, but I'd have to make sure I cover at least 8km!

Elevation map:

You hit the incline right at the beginning and man, it was tough. The muscles hadn't warmed up yet.

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