Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bukit Kiara Trails with the Pure Grit

Sunday, 1st December 2012. 

Finally I had the opportunity to tag along with a bunch of light footed trail runners (Ray, Mich and Karen, to name a few) for what Ray promised was an easy run.

"Puh-leese," I could imagine YB rolling his eyes at me.
"When they say easy, it's THEIR definition of easy, not ours!" He advised.

So I double checked with Ray again whether it was indeed an easy run and he assured me so.


Nevertheless, I turned up at the TTDI park's car park, eager to further test out the Pure Grit again AND run the Bukit Kiara trails.

A quick headcount before the guys led whilst the ladies took it easy.  :)

Various colours and brands of trail shoes. From Brooks to Salomon to Innov-8 ... and kampung Adidas!

We even had a discussion on which type of shoes were good. 

Someone commented that the Salomon (don't know which model) had a hard outsole which proved to be less responsive as your foot landed, whilst someone lamented that the Brooks' Cascadia 7 was too flexible that it provided less ankle support.

It was interesting to note that everyone had their own views of what type of shoes they preferred and were more suited for.

My Pure Grit received some feedback as well, which as you know, lacking of grip on slippery surface.

We exited the Bukit Kiara trails and found ourselves within the vicinity of the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. It was lovely to see the horses!

Running along the Sprint Highway towards Desa Sri Hartamas.
I thought we were going into Desa Sri Hartamas for breakfast first, before continuing with our run.

But alas...

As we turned back into the hills and headed back to where we came from, I became the sweeper to make sure Cheryl wasn't left alone and lost.

True to Ray's prediction, our run took 2 hours to complete - a slow and easy 9.4km!

I loved the trails so much, as it's a different terrain altogether, compared to FRIM. Pushing leaves and branches out of the way as you run along the often used narrow paths, it was exhilarating.

Oh, it was also rather fun shouting out to your friends to watch out as there's a "BIKE!!!" on the way!

On mossy like tarmac, I noted that I had to be cautious as I walked up the slope. It was slippery and my shoes were definitely lacking in strong grip.

It was fun jumping over puddles as I felt agile for a nanosecond when I leaped into the air and landed safely on the other side.


The graveled incline reminded some of us so much of TMBT all over again. :)

Now what do I do with you, Pure Grit?
I can't walk on slippery smooth surface for fear of falling flat on my face. (I also noticed that about my GTS 12, but that's a different story.)

There was chafing at the usual spot for me - near my bunion on my right foot (head of the first metatarsal), but most probably because the skin was already sensitive from yesterday's chafing from my Skechers GoRun Ride. :S

There was a blister above my right heel as the heel collar rubbed against it. I think I was wearing the wrong pair of socks that day, which I have already chucked into the bin.

All in all, I have no qualms about putting on the Pure Grit for a dry trail, as its outsole grip remains a huge concern.

The entire support remains good, flexibility of the sole and toe flex is there and the shoes secured my feet well. I'm not sure whether the nav-band is of any use, as my shoelaces were already tight enough.

Nevertheless, that does not matter.

Our trail route for the morning!

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