Monday, November 26, 2012

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12

September 2012.

So I bought myself a pair of Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 to replace my worn out GTS 11. It was a bit of a rush purchase but I needed a pair soonest possible, as at that time, I was unsure whether the Skechers GORun Ride would be the One for Race Day.

I honestly believed that they were closely similar to the GTS 11, as there were no adverse reviews.

Honestly, I think I may have to break into them as soon as possible or I'm going to be stuck with them for good.

I wasn't too sure whether the GORun Ride was too deliciously comfortable for me (in terms of cushioning) and had somewhat altered the way I run or there is something just different about the GTS 12.

I've worn the GTS 12 for 2 runs now and I've come to realise that the forefoot padding is somewhat stiffer than the GTS 11. Just a few 100metres into my run and I instantly felt that the sole was very flat and hard. My forefoot sole wasn't too comfortable with it.

I also then realised that my calves would begin to tire after halfway through the run.

Hmmm, surely I hadn't changed into a forefoot runner, thus the aching calves?


I guess it took a while to break into them.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

I was hoping I could try out the Ghost 5 instead of getting the GTS 12 but after some deliberation (an hour in the store!) I decided to play it safe and stuck to the GTS.

Not much of a difference between the GTS 11 and the GTS 12, though the latter looks a wee bit chunkier.

My first reaction to the GTS 12 can be summarised as follows:

1. What's with the metallic shiny bling bling colour?? Ack!!! Is there a pastel colour I could get instead?
2. It's heavy!
3. It feels the same as the GTS 11. Phew!

The upper has been improved to make it more breathable yet with extra moisture wicking. The silver mesh underlay gives it an updated look.

The tongue seemed more plumped up and more cushy than the GTS 11.
Or it could by imagination.

Only available in Medium (B), or I'd go for the Wide (D).

Chunky heels are usually seen in support shoes, where the heel cradle has to be secure enough to cushion your landing impact.

Love the cute mini Brooks logo on the toe front!

The GTS 12 has diagonal grooves in the forefoot which the GTS 11 lacks.

The diagonal grooves help to increase forefoot flexibility upon landing. With Flextra, it provides excellent traction when running on wet and slippery surfaces.

The caterpillar crash pad helps to create a smooth heel to toe transition for a natural stride.
Resilient stuff.

The award winning BioMoGo sole, which is made of non-toxic material and has unique dampening properties. They biodegrade faster!

The Brooks' DNA responds to the amount of force placed on the foot and disperse the pressure for an ideal amount of resiliency.

When I first put them on for a few times, I was unaccustomed to the weight of the shoes. Yet the upper mesh overlay and laces kept my feet snugly in place and it definitely felt much more breathable than the earlier models.

The immediate difference, besides the weight, was definitely the 'hardness' of the sole. My forefoot somehow was more sensitive to feeling the hard ground as I pounded on the roads.

When running at an easy pace, there was a lack of responsiveness which made me think I was very sluggish. It forced my legs to pump harder in order to make it a smoother ride.

However when I pushed faster, I am oblivious to all the issues above and the ride proves to be a much better one. You'll forget the shoes because they are so comfortable!

My only minor grievances are:
1. The tongue needs to be slimmer, like the ones on the Pure Project shoes. The cushioned tongue reminds me of the days of Nike Air for basketball. :D
2. The weight of the shoes. (The shoes weigh about 260 grams each.)
3. The white/viola colours isn't my thing. 

Well, they are really trivial issues, I know. :)

Nevertheless, the GTS 12 is my "reliable pair" which I have no hesitations to grab and go off for a last minute run.

The comfort and resilience remains the same as the GTS 10 and 11 I had previously worn so religiously.

The sockliner is removable if you want less padding.

And hey, they match my nuumuu! :)

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  1. so many shoes already! :) give me some :)

    1. haha, this pair was bought during the Go Green campaign - traded old badminton shoes for the discount! :D