Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where Did The Week Go??

It's the weekend again.


I'd like to curl up my lip in contempt and snarled at Time, demanding a replay of the week that has just gone by.

"Why are you whizzing by so fast? I'm not ready for the weekend just yet!"

But, it is not his fault that I don't get enough of rest to wake up bright and chirpy the next day. (Six hours of sleep ain't enough for me, honey!)

When I do wake up early on some days, I'm forced to step out of the house before 7am for my quick 30min run. And I don't even do that on a daily basis because I'm too lazy/tired.

 Should I start my run at 7am, it's 5-7mins too late and I'd be caught at the traffic lights!
I had to wait for about 2-3mins before I could cross the road.

Due to the lack of sleep, I'd walk around in a daze, my head up in the clouds, my body like an empty shell.

I've been like that for the past week.
Past two weeks, in fact.

Make it a month.

I walked into the gents' yesterday and thank goodness there were no men relieving themselves at the urinals. 

Just a Elton John K-pop boy wannabe primping himself in front of the mirrors.

Nevertheless, the week ended with a lovely Friday night. I caught up with my sister, her hubby and my rascal of a niece as they were in town for the weekend to attend a wedding dinner tomorrow. 

The niece recognised me. (Oh thank goodness!)
Shook my hand, too. 
I felt like a celebrity.

"Dad, I'm having some sake!"

It's her birthday next week and I still haven't bought her a present yet. I don't know what to buy for kids!

I'm a very boring aunt, you see. Most of the time I just buy her BOOKS.*

So that I'll have the opportunity (when she's older) to have her curled up in my lap as I read to her. 

Erm, yes ok, that's her mother's job, I guess.

(*I have also a collection of children's books under the bed. 

All they needs is love. 

When my children are born.
Well, I don't mind reading them again, but you might think I'm a sad nutcase.
Do you want me to babysit YOUR kids so we can read together?)

An aunty colleague asked if I was going clubbing yesterday night.
I LOL-ed! ME, CLUBBING??? I'm an angel bore!

Dressing up for work is a pain in the butt because the office air conditioning is %@(*£@# COLD!

Effing cold.
Should I ever brave the freaking cold and dress up, my colleagues would stare at me in awe as I walk through the door.

Demanding to know whether I was attending a function that night.

Or going clubbing.

Is it because of the neon pink in my dress?

Don't mind my yattering.
I'm just bored. Not having a smart phone to link up with people makes it a very l-o-n-e-l-y life.

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