Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wheat Field Bakery & Cafe, Plaza Damansara

I accidentally stumbled upon this place a few weeks ago as I hurried by to the clinic to see the doctor.

I tried some buns that day (lunch and tea for work), including an onion and chicken cheese one and the spiral sugar donut. They all turned out pretty soft and fluffy, which I absolutely adore my bread to be and vowed to try other things the next time.

Situated along the shoplots at Jalan Medan Setia 2, you'll find it right next to Escobar's and a few lots away from Sid's Pub.

After my run in town this morning, I was driving back and was about to reach home (1km away) when I made a detour and headed to Wheat Field Bakery & Cafe, Plaza Damansara.




I timidly asked if I could take some pictures...

I couldn't decide what I'd have (ooh, the ciabatta was calling out to me!!!) and eventually picked a cream cheese danish and a cocoa polo something, together with a cappucino.

The bill came up to RM13.40, with the cappuccino at RM6.90 ... I think so!

 Poppy seeds on a danish? Interesting ...

The coffee was good, despite the fact that it had cooled down just a bit by the time I arrived home.

 It was nice and soft. The amount of cream cheese was about right.

I enjoyed the cocoa crunchy top, but found the custard (inside) a bit too sweet to my liking. Finding walnuts in the custard was interesting, though.

I think the coffee is probably too strong for me. Within 15-25mins of my consumption, my hands were all shaky and snapping these photos was a tough job!

Although the variety is limited, I wouldn't mind going back there to try their sandwich and other pastries.

Closed on Sundays and public holidays, they open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturdays.

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  1. I checked my Statcounter visitor counter for my Bukit Damansara Directory and found there was a visit from your blog and was curious how it came from here but could find no reference. The visit was to Wheatfield Bakery & Cafe. Any ideas?