Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Running: It's a Wrap!

Powerman Malaysia 2012, which was held last Sunday, is my last official event for the year. The event itself was a carnival of runners, cyclists, families and supporters - it was an amazing event to be at!

It was definitely a fabulous one to wrap my running calendar for the year.

As it is only the beginning of November, I can't help but to feel a bit lost. To leave December devoid of events doesn't seem complete!

Oh what shall I do??

Oh, sorry.
My mind just wandered and went running, which seems to happen very often these days.

Race Recaps
Looking back, the first half of the year was pretty quiet and lacking. We were too tired (after Fubon Taipei Marathon) of joining the same events (and the same routes) and registration fees were getting pricier.

1. Cheapest run - BHP Orange Run (11km)
This is an event which I wouldn't miss. Cheapest registration ever at RM5, with nasi lemak and Gatorade available after the run - who could ask for more?

I thought I wouldn't do well as I had to run with my glasses on (due to an eye infection). I was surprised to find that I shaved off 30secs off last year's timing and eventually found out that I was #20 for the Women's Open! :D

2. Most Scenic Run & Best Run - TMBT 25km
The TMBT is without a doubt my favourite event for the year, as it is something different. It was fantastic to be back home and with the running buddy running alongside me (actually, he was always ahead of me and I had to keep playing catch up!) and taking in the majestic view as we tumbled along.

Finding out that we were top #20 overall was nice. :D

3. Podium Finishes - KL Rat Race and Bukit Damansara Fun Run
- To this day, I am still thrilled with my performance at the KL Rat Race as never did I imagine I would one day be able to complete it in less than 25 minutes. I was ecstatic!  (I think training for TMBT must have helped a lot to improve my speed.)

- BDFR was supposed to be a fun run with the boys, but I became restless and fidgety as I wondered if I could do a repeat performance (like the Rat Race). So despite the hilly route, I did the best that I could and I was the first female to cross the finish line at below 25 minutes. (Yay! --- this shout out is for my speed, not for winning, ok? :D)

4. Worst Run - Putrajaya Night Run 21km
PNM 2012 will forever be engraved in my mind. I honestly have never recalled suffering such bad cramps before. Each time my mind wanders back to that fateful night, I shudder and try not to tear up. Ha! 

5. Memorable Run/Event - Powerman Malaysia (2nd leg)
As it was an exciting event to be at, despite my so-so performance (63 mins), I loved the atmosphere! 

To my surprise, my team won #9 for the Mixed Relay team category. That was unexpected. (No prize!)

I found it difficult to run in the morning heat (at 11am) so I honestly cannot imagine how amazing those duathletes and triathletes are - my utmost respect to you peeps!!

Recalling this event makes me smile. I grin like crazy and I can't tell you why. *insert crazy happy grin*

(Why am I putting this down here is beyond me - probably for my future reference. :D)

Photos for the 1st leg of the event can be found here.

Right, I'm off to daydream some more. :)
Happy running!


  1. If you're crazy enough, there's always the 12 hour Putrajaya Walk and the Newton 25k in December.

    Congrats on the 9th placing. Happy Feet

  2. Hey Nick :)
    Good to have caught you in action.
    And no, I don't think I'll be joining both those events!
    I may just pirate something ...