Saturday, September 8, 2012

BHP Orange Run 2012

Sunday, 15th July 2012.

Ah, bugger.

I'm not sure what I was busy with prior to the race, i.e. what sort of training I had done. So as it got closer to the race day, I was disturbed.

"I'm SO not going to achieve my target!" This thought rang constantly in my head and I was bummed. I hadn't trained much, to be honest.

Last year's time of 1:01:4x was my personal best and I was aiming to hit 1:00 this year.

But you know when you're not focused, things don't go as planned. So to hell with it, I just had to try my best.

My left eye was suffering from an infection so I was annoyed that I wasn't able to wear my contact lens. I hate my glasses, and I hate how I look in them - damn aunty looking!

(OK ok, I had to tell myself to snap out of it and that even professional athletes do not let ANYTHING dampen their spirit. Gotta fight the good battle, right? Or something like that.)

Somehow I didn't feel as strong as I was last year. I stopped to catch my breath at certain parts of the route, just a 5 second break every now and then, before pushing myself forward.

It was also a quiet run for me, without a few friends ran past me and yelling some words of encouragement, unlike last year.

As I ran past One Utama on my right, closer and closer to the finish line, a Chinese guy ran alongside me and said in Cantonese, "We're reaching soon!"

"Argh! I feel like dying!" I huffed.

"Don't die yet! Wait until you cross the finish line!" He replied, before he sped off, leaving me behind.

As I increased my pace during the last 200m or so, I tried to hide behind an Indian guy ahead of me, to avoid some photographers' sharp eyes.

(I was not so lucky. I was caught on camera, regardless of my attempt.)

I crossed the finish line and headed towards the queuing that was forming up at the Gatorade stall.

I checked my watch and was surprised yet disappointed to find that I had finished the run 20 seconds faster than last year. Oh wow!

Great! Another personal best, I suppose. =))

I found out later on on Penonton's blog that I made it onto the Top 20 Women's Open.


Look! See the last name on the list? Haha!!

I think it's because the rest of the fast runners were somewhere else. =D

Whee hee!!

Anyway, if you were there that day, you would have noticed us showing off our new group Tshirts.

(bottom picture from KYK's album.)

And we also attempted to dance along with the singers that morning.

(picture from KYK's album.)


Epic fail!

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