Sunday, September 16, 2012

Am I Ready For TMBT?

Pre-race thoughts - 14th September 2012

As we packed our things for our trip to Kundasang that evening, I was worried.

I was still recovering from a cold and a cough and I know my mum wasn't too pleased that I was going off into the wild (kinda) without a clean bill of health. I still had some phlegm in my lungs, which was taking a while to clear.

I was also worried about the weather. It hadn't rained the past 2 days I was back in KK and who know if it decided to rain on Race Day itself. And if it did, would I have to pull out, for fear of aggravating my cough into a full-fledged bronchitis?

I was also worried about the difficulty of the terrain, and whether I was sufficiently equipped.

Reading its long-winded rules and regulartions weren't of much help as each paragraph was very detailed.

We giggled at some of the rules and penalties.

Apparently you should help your competitor in distress or you'll be penalised. ;D

And don't litter! You'll be penalised 30minutes (added to your finish time).

I wasn't sure whether the above was enough to see me through 25km. I forgot to bring our stash of energy gels from KL and we had to drive around town looking for some. 

What's not in the picture: arm warmers, walking stick and cap.

My hydration bag is too small to fit everything inside! I'd have to find a way to tie my jacket around my waist.

There'll be 2 water stations for the 25km runners, so we will be able to refill our hydration bags before we continue on. Too bad there won't be isotonic drinks, though.a

Most of all, I worry whether my training during the past 5 weeks are sufficient to prepare me for this event. I've only ran FRIM as much as I could, without the opportunity of climbing Nuang like some runners.

My target time to complete the event: 5 hours.
Due to healthy reasons, I extended my target to 6 hours to complete.

If you don't know what TMBT is, do check out their website. They claim to being the only ultra trail marathon available in Malaysia.

And it's right in my hometown. How can I not do it??

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