Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brooks Glycerin 10 - Best Neutral Shoe 2012

Oooh.. Brooks' Glycerin 10 is awarded Best Neutral Shoe!

Apparently what convinced Running Network to award it the Best Neutral Shoes were simply three points: protection, plush comfort and great cushioning.

The first thing I noticed about the Glycerin 10 is its bright colour scheme.

For the men, they can choose either the red/black/silver or lime/black/white whereas the women can choose either the pink/silver or blue/silver/white pair.


From what I have seen of the shoes, they actually look pretty chunky. Nevertheless, from what I read, the key differences against its predecessor Glycerin 9 are:
  • More cushioning added to the lateral side for a softer landing.
  • It preserves the full midsole DNA cushioning from the Glycerin 9 - retaining the connected feel to the ground.
  • Better arch support with the midfoot arch bridge hugging your foot for a smoother transition.
So, tons of cushioning hence the chunkiness? I wonder how it would feel in terms of the weight. Yet some runners have commented that these shoes are so comfortable that it's like walking on air/clouds - so soft, so cushioned and supportive.

Sounds like a dream to me!


The outer sole looks pretty chunky eh? But apparently it's flexible enough. At least I would think it's stable enough to give you that much needed support as you pound the roads. It's worth considering if you're looking for very good and wide stability, yet comfortably cushioned shoes when you run. (People with weak ankles, take note! ;D)

Some runners have also commented that these pair of shoes are good enough to avoid pain in their knees!
Some reviews:
running shoes guru
By the way, do check out this site I found, it's really cute!!!

My thoughts? Cushioning effectiveness remains subjective as we all have different knees and sensitivity to the ground. But I'd consider heading to the store to test it out for its colour range, weight, cushioning and wide sole stability. 

Unless of course, Brooks decides to let me review them for free instead. ;D *hint*

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why not head out to your nearest Brooks' outlet right now and get yourself a pair? Bring your old pair of shoes for the RM150 rebate to buy your Glycerin 10 - you'll be paying just RM379 for this award winning shoe!

The rebate ENDS 30 SEPTEMBER 2012! For more details, just visit Brooks Malaysia at

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