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A Quick Ride with GORun Ride

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Wednesday, 19th September.

That night saw me taking my pair of Women's Skechers GORun Ride for a quick test. I only had time for a 30 minute workout as it was already past 10pm.

crazy eye-catching colours!

I had to first get used to the slight bump from the GOimpulse sensors by walking around in the shoes. Five minutes later, I was good to go.

oh it just saddens me to dirty up the clean white soles!

During my workout, I noted the following:

First km:
  • my soles were getting warm. I fidgeted and hoped it would go away.
  • nice and bouncy! *boing boing boing*
Second km:
  • soles weren't that warm anymore, probably adjusted to it.
  • I felt like I could fly, must be due to the bounce in the soles!
  • I had the urge to go faster. *bOing*
Mini hill reps (170m x 10):
  • the warmth went away. no longer felt it.
  • still had that *boing boing boing* feeling! This is probably be due to the sensors which help to absorb some of the pounding.
  • right foot began to feel just a wee bit uncomfortable, just below the bunion. 

Verdict: So far so good. No pain anywhere! ;)


Saturday, 22nd September

Wore them for a 5km training run around Tasik Titiwangsa with my colleagues this morning.

Do you know the catchy lines of Kelis' Milk Shake that goes something like this: 

"My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like, It's better than yours, Damn right, it's better than yours"

Well, well, you should have seen me this morning. Almost all the guys (to be fair, there are only two girls at the training, myself included!) noticed my pair of Skechers from afar (it IS quite colourful) and surrounded me to admire my legs bright coloured shoes.
"Woahhhh, new shoes!"
"Wow, what brand is that?"
"Wow, that's really light, isn't it?"
"How much do they cost?"
I had to explain to them that they were looking at a pair of Skechers GORun Ride and yes, they're really, really light. In fact, they are as light as your packet of Kettle's crisps (it weighs 5 oz!) and it's really bouncy, and the women's pair retails at RM369 (or thereabouts, I can't remember!) and yes, they are as flexible Nike Free (Nike's Free seems to be everyone's yardstick for flexible shoes, by the way) ...

Yeah, I felt like the most popular girl in the park. ;D

Anyway, the park was wet this morning and most of the runners were very cautious not to slip and fall, myself included. The park was also filled to the brim with Maybank employees at one end of the park with some sort of event going on, while another part of the park saw to a Chinese school's cross country event, something like that.

We ran on wet pavement and roads, avoided puddles and people.

The boys teased me to be careful not to get my new shoes wet!

I was worried that the soles wouldn't grip properly but my worry was for naught. They gripped perfectly well on wet surface but no, I didn't splash into the deep puddles to test them further. ;D

Interestingly I pretty much seem to avoid heel strikes, no?
And don't ask me why, but I keep checking my soles after every run, just to check whether they're still in good shape! =P

A colleague remarked that he didn't believe that these shoes will be able to support his weight and another doubts the durability of this shoes. Hmmm, I said I'll let him know in due course.

My take on the shoes:
1. They are so light that they feel like a part of you. I just don't know how else to describe it.
2. I still love the bounce in the soles! The sensors clearly react very quickly to the ground, hence letting your feet fly off the ground much faster.
3. I still needed to adapt to the shoes during the first few minutes of walking in them (due to the GOimpulse pillars). But this time they adjusted quicker than the initial take.
4. No warm feeling. Or maybe I stopped noticing.
5. A wee bit of chafing below the right bunion.
(WHY?? All would be perfect if not for this! I must solve this!)
6. Calves felt a bit tired this time. Not too sure whether because they were aching 2 days ago after attempting to break in to my another new pair of shoes.
(Yes, I have 3 other pairs of shoes to break into and show them to you! Soon.)

Now I'm not sure whether I should wear them for my race this Tuesday. Hmmmm.

Verdict: Still loving them but need to resolve the chafing below the right bunion.

Shall we go for another run tomorrow?

P.S. Clocked another 5km with them on Sunday, 22nd September. A bit of chafing again, despite the anti-chafe gel and synthetic socks. Besides that, everything else is good.

I've decided to wear them for the KL Rat Race on Tuesday, 25 September!
(Edit: OK, I WORE them already!)

[Note: Many thanks to Skechers Malaysia for this lovely pair of shoes!]

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  1. "A dirty shoe, is proof of many beautiful miles... " ;)