Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brooks PureGrit - First Impression

You hear the description 'minimalist' so often these days that I'm pretty sure that some of you are as equally blur as I am. In fact, I've pretty much decided that the term 'minimalist' is loosely associated with barefoot running.

Close to it.

While barefoot runners believe that shoes with cushioning impede your natural running stride, not everyone is comfortable with running barefoot.

So here comes the minimalist shoes, providing you with lightweight shoes that offer little support, but keep your soles protected from the ground, yet allowing you to feel as much of the ground as possible.


Brooks' Pure Project Collection gives you a selection of shoes for minimalist running, be it for the road or on the trail. Currently available in the Malaysian market are the PureFlow, PureCadence and PureGrit. (The PureGrit was designed with ultramarathoner Scott Jurek's input.)

Participants of the Blog with Brooks contest were each given a pair of PureGrit, the minimalist trail shoes to test and review.

And this is my pair! :)

I LOVE the striking violet-red / magenta colours!

The stretchable navband (underneath the shoelace) wraps around your arch to give you an assured fit. Keeps your feet nice and snugly fitted.

The toe flex to enhance the flexibility of the forefoot and encourages the activation of the big toe to help align the foot at toe-off.

Grip lug pattern to give you maximum traction when you're off road. [They look like mini tractors. ;) ]

Ultra-light mesh which allows your feet to breathe.


The one-piece outsole that is made with Brooks signature DNA technology, where its cushioning material customises your ride according to your feet size and type.

With TMBT last weekend and Rat Race training this weekend, I haven't had the opportunity to test this pretty pair of shoes.

I did, however:
  1. hop around on the grass and found no issues with my foot landing. Well-cushioned, indeed.
  2. hop around on the 'brick pavement with grass' (I honestly don't know how to describe them) and noted that the soles didn't absorb the impact. I could feel the hard surface.
But the shoes are so comfy without socks. ;)

Nevertheless, I can't wait to test them out during a trail run to keep you posted. Stay TUNED!

If you're interested to get a pair for yourself, don't forget to bring an old pair of shoes to swap them for a RM150 rebate via Brooks Go Green initiative (which I've mentioned about for only like the millionth time now!) and purchase the PureGrit for (RM429 - RM150 =) only RM279 (Is my calculation correct??) at your nearest Brooks outlet!

And maybe we can go and try them out together. ;)

[ for more details!]

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