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Brooks Run Happy Profile: Ooi Wei Min

I first met Wei Min at the Bareno 2011 event where we were waiting for our friends at the finish line, cheering the runners as they passed us by.

But the one thing which I will remember vividly is when I passed him by during the PJ Half Marathon 2011, I heard him singing his heart out to a Chinese song!

1. How long have you been running?
Started running in the gym around October 2008 to prepare  for 5km Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. Started running seriously since September 15, 2009 till now.

2. Do you remember how many events you have taken part since then?
Can't really recall, but maybe around 30-40 races.

3. You recently completed the 25km The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) on 15th September 2012. Yay! How was it?
TMBT is not an easy race, the route is basically uphill or downhill, seldom do we encounter flat routes. The running was torturous especially after the 2nd water station. It was all the way down with pebbled rocks, stones and mud. Furthermore, we began to feel hot. It made Dragon Back or the Newton route (Amah Hill) route look like child’s play. They do not have water station every 3km, don’t have medical personal spraying anti cramp every 3km. In fact, we were even warned during pre-race briefing that if we encounter cramp or blister, we will have to deal with it. 

Even so, it still gave me a great running experience. The weather was cooling and the view is just simply superb. There are no words that can be used to describe what I have seen. You have to be there to understand what I mean. The race really brings the best out of runners. During the race, I almost cramped 3 times. But every time, there are runners who'd automatically offer their anti-cramp gels. Even runners with cramping issues who were resting by the side of the road voluntarily offered me their gel. I really thank them. 

The locals were out cheering for us. I had a lot of fun throughout the race. I remember seeing a kid waving at us with split index and middle fingers around 3-5km before hitting finishing line. It somehow reminded me of Star Trek. So, i took my Experia Ray horizontally and show it to them saying: "I come in peace, I come in peace".  

The organizers somehow managed to make the runners feel honoured and proud of themselves for completing the race. Even though the race was over for more than 1 week, I can still remember the race as if it just happen yesterday. It is indeed a wonderful race.   

4. I noticed that you were wearing the Brooks Cascadia during the event. Did they treat you well?
To be honest, this is my first pair of trail shoes.  I don’t really know how to compare as there is nothing for me to compare against it. But I do feel that this shoe does give me a better grip compared to normal running shoes whether during the Orang Asli Trail Run, Nuang and FRIM training or TMBT. 

I bought the shoe since February this year and I've put a lot of mileage into these shoes especially while training for TMBT. It still looks good. I will be using it for coming Salomon X-Trail Run. 

5. OK, how many pairs of running shoes do you own? Did you choose them based on brand names, feel, colour, price, etc? 
As a runner, I believe in good quality shoes instead of the name (brand) because good quality shoes will help prevent injury. Injury for runners means no fun. For me feel/comfortable comes first, lasting (durability) second. Of course price also plays a role, but as long as the shoes are proven to be worth it, I don’t mind spending the money. Colour does play a role, but a minor one. 

Maybe because of wrong running posture, I went through a painful journey of shoe selection last year. I tried different brand of shoes but they either lasted less than 3 months or end up hurting my legs more. It burned a big hole in my wallet. I had no choice but to live with the situation. 

The situation continued until early this year, when Brooks did a clearance promotion. Under Manson Chew‘s (Brooks salesperson) personal assurance, I bought Trance 9 with doubts. To my surprise, it last for more than 6 months, outlasting another brand. Since then, I mainly use Brooks shoes. I currently have 4 pairs of shoes of which 3 of them are Brooks (2 running shoes, 1 trail shoes). 

6. What's the one event that you are looking forward to for 2012? Tell us how you're preparing for it.
Powerman 2012, as this is my first run cycle biathlon event. I am currently training with some of Lyn Runners. We will be doing the first simulation in Putrajaya on Saturday.

All the best for that, Wei Min!
And see you in the upcoming races. ;)
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