Sunday, September 9, 2012

Longest Trail Running Training

You would think that I would have managed to catch up on my sleep debt during the 3-day weekend last week.

Instead, I found myself waking up early every morning, just to ensure I clock sufficient mileage.

I would love to moan and groan about how hard it is to force myself out of bed to do the right thing (I'm talking about going out for a run) but there's not need for it.

I end up telling myself, "Don't think, just run!" ALL THE TIME.

Last Friday, 31st August, was Malaysia's Independence Day. My friends and I, together with most of the runners we met on the road, took the opportunity to go for a long run.

We tackled the slope up from Hentian Duta along Persiaran Duta and into Bukit Tunku. It's one hell of a slope, I tell you. I remember the first time I attempted it last year, and oh how I struggled.

Surprisingly, I managed to reach the top with less of a struggle this time. Hmm. Interesting.

Whilst the gang opted to rest on Saturday, I stuck to my guns and managed to lug myself out of bed and drove to FRIM.

With The Most Beautiful Thing ("TMBT") just around the corner, I was getting rather nervous with the lack of trail mileage.

Ooh boy, even though you'd think that I have been pushing myself to run the trails every weekend weekend without fail, honestly, I'm unsure whether those runs do suffice.

I was feeling pretty crummy after 5km into the trails.

I was torn between sticking to my training and going home to rest.

I considered maybe just postponing my LSD to the next day instead.

I was feeling a wee bit fluey and I didn't sleep well the night before.

Ah, battling with my inner demons is an ongoing one, so don't mind me. kept me company while I trudged up Steroid hill and Pinus Peak Trail. I would run whenever I felt like it, but would mostly walk the uphills. I can't run up as steady as Kenny Kwan!

(Oh yeah, I saw him running, too.)

Saturday morning was a quiet one, and the forest really felt like my own secret sanctuary. It was a cool and cloudy day, and there weren't many visitors during the first 2 hours of my run/walk.

As I climbed up the trail to the top of Salem High Country, a man in his 50's was coming down. He asked me in Mandarin, "Young lady, how many rounds have you gone?"

Taken by surprise, I told him, "2."

I don't recall exactly what transpired during the brief conversation we had, but I found out that he had driven all the way from Subang Jaya to FRIM!

Very passionate, I said. But apparently he had an appointment in Kepong that morning and so he thought he might as well come to FRIM first for a walk.

He advised me that I shouldn't push myself after 2 rounds, and perhaps I should go back and rest.

Er, okay.
But why??
Maybe I was looking all pale and weak? 
I dunno.

Is that a dead dog?

I kept checking on my watch to keep track of my mileage, hoping that by the time I hit 15km, I was good and ready to call it a morning.

Despite my initial reluctance of working out that morning, I managed to complete 4 loops/rounds of Steroid Hill - Tongkat Ali Trail - Pinus Peak Trail and I guess I was pretty pleased that I had finally completed my LSD trail run. 

A FRIM officer was making his rounds on his motorbike and he chugged alongside me, "Awak lari untuk Malaysia ke?" ("Are you running for Malaysia?")

"Heh?" I responded, puzzled.

"Awak ni lari untuk Malaysia ke? Dah lari 4 round ..." He asked.
("Are you running for Malaysia? You've ran 4 rounds...")

"Oh, bukan! Takde..." I shook my head.
("Oh, no! No...")

"Ohh, saya fikir you ni training untuk Jogathon Malaysia ke..." He chuckled, before he sped off.
("Ohh, I thought you are training for Malaysia's Jogathon ...")

That's hilarious!
I'm sure he was just teasing me!

Butterfly leaves!

It was past 11am when I finally made my way back onto the Mountain Trail Track and back to the carpark.

The trails had become busy during the hour I was there; mountain bikers, casual walkers, runners. I was glad to be done with my run so I could get out of there pronto!

Coke Zero and my New Balance shoes.

I should have brought a can of 100plus instead of Coke Zero. It didn't satisfy my thirst for something cold.

While I was trying to snap the picture, a lady approached me and asked if that was my car, she pointed to it. I answered her in the positive and she informed me that one of my tyres was punctured.

I thanked her with a nonchalant expression on my face (gosh, that was rude!) and stared hard at the offending article for a second before I continued with my stretches.

Bugger! A screw in my tyre.

And I think it definitely happened as I drove into the FRIM compound or I wouldn't have been able to drive myself over from home.

I approached an Indian man for help and I was lucky that he agreed to assist me in changing my tyres because I realised then that I had changed into a white Tshirt - no way did I want to stain my beautiful white Tshirt with grease!

But you know what, I would have attempted to change the tyres on my own, if the hubby wasn't so anxious for me to obtain help!

By Saturday evening, I was really exhausted. 

Come Sunday morning, I was tempted to sleep in and opt out of the run at FRIM. KYK, OKT, AC, Paul, Yloon and Melvin joined us that morning and so, I told myself that it was a while since I ran with the Dutamas Runners' gang.

We started off on the Dream Trail before exiting from Rover Trail. AC, Melvin, Yloon and OKT were first timers on the Dream Trail and I think they were awed by the beauty of it. ;)

We waved goodbye to KYK, OKT and Yloon before Melvin, AC, Paul and I headed off onto the Mountain Trail Track to let Melvin and Paul catch a glimpse of Salem High Country.

Andrew, Melvin, Paul and I.

But it's not easy to point out Salem High Country to them without running further into the forest.

The trails were also busy and buzzing with mountain bikers, and we had to slow down many times to make way for them.

For Sunday's run, I ran in my old pair of New Balance WT625GO which I had long forgotten.

See, I've been getting a sore ... (what's that spot just below the bunion?) *that part* on my right foot when I wore my NB909 (the blue one) for the past 3 runs in FRIM. I stuck a thick plaster on that spot on Saturday and the soreness was bearable.

But it still resulted in a blister.

So I tried with my old pair of NBs on Sunday instead and I found them to be a comforting change. 

TMBT is next week and I'm indecisive with which pair to go with!

Today, I wore the orange ones with thin synthetic socks and boy, I think I know my answer now.

I wasn't confident in running down the trails in them, but perhaps it was due to the socks resulting in a loose fit of the shoes.

Looks like I'll have to plaster up my bunion really good or I won't be able to endure the 25km of trails in pain. Ack.

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  1. 15Mar2015 - fences were notice to built across Pinus Trail.No idea on the purpose, so jog, trek and ride while this is still available for the public