Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sarawak Laksa, Lucky Garden Bangsar

Kenny brought us to Lucky Garden, Bangsar to try Auntie Christina's Sarawak Laksa some time last month.

I introduced it to my sister who says it's only so-so, as she finds the one at Kedai Kopi Yee Fung, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu still the best.

I said that for me, Auntie Christina's one is probably the best one in KL and she agreed to that! ;)

I love the fact that the vermicelli is the coarse type, not like the finer ones usually served in KL. The soup is tasty and you have to admit that its presentation is pleasing to the eye.

The laksa is served in 3 sizes, small, medium or large. 

I took the hubby there last week and he enjoyed it. Some of my friends say that the soup is so little, in ratio to the noodles. Sure it does seem so at first glance, but a few mouthfuls later, you'll realise that you can't even finish the soup!
Other reviews:

Another place for Sarawak Laksa is at the 7th Mile Kitchen, Kelana Sentral Condominium.
Other reviews:
What Have I Got To Say - I actually bumped into her  there! ;)
A word of advice, best to avoid peak hours as service can be rather slow. No joke.

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