Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What To Bring

... for TMBT?

I hate packing as much as I hate unpacking.

I can never travel light.
I blame the cosmetics and toiletries that I need to lug around with me wherever I go and no, I can never find my travel size containers to use.

I blame the fact that I tend to bring too much clothes which I may end up not wearing. But when I do in fact bring just a few articles, I would regret and fume at my lack of choices.


One can never win.

This weekend is TMBT (we're doing 25km!!!!!) and I wish I was jumping with excitement at the mere thought of it.

Instead, I am battling a leaky nose and a cough. Bugger, indeed!

Back to my subject: what do I bring for TMBT?

hydration bag - check.
rain/wind jacket with hood - check.
disposable raincoat/poncho - check.
whistle - check.
head lamp - check.
chocolate - check!
power gel - check.
plaster - check.
arm sleeves - ... check?
walking stick - not sure. Should I???
camera - ... not yet.
favourite headband - ... gone missing! must find.
sun block - ... oooh gotta find them.
trail shoes, Salomon tights, sports bra, tshirt, Garmin watch, etc ...

I think I'd better start packing now ... no point doing up this checklist when I'm clearly unprepared!


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