Saturday, September 22, 2012

Everest Base Camp. Really?

I was talking to a colleague this morning and he asked me how was TMBT.

His question caught me by surprise, as not many of my colleagues know and understand some of my leisure activities (of hiking and running).

"It was very good!" I responded very enthusiastically, as like most TMBT participants,  I am still pining for the beautiful view and experience.

I asked him how his long weekend was and he replied something mundane (it must be mundane, since I can't remember what he said!) which has slipped my mind.

He then mentioned to me that he'll be going to Everest Base Camp (EBC) next year, together with a friend and a mutual colleague and his wife.

I paused.
Not in awe or anything, but I was dumbstruck.

"Are you serious?" I asked.
"Since when were you into these sort of things? I can understand Wong (our colleague) but you??"

I was flabbergasted.

My colleague, M is just your average joe who goes to the gym every once in a while. His idea of a holiday is easy sightseeing or go on a cruise in Europe.

So to tell me that he has signed up for EBC next year just caught me by surprise.

"You are more than welcome to join us," He kindly offered.


I immediately sent a message to the hubby and asked, "EVEREST BASE CAMP. NEXT YEAR. ONS????"

Something along the lines.

The hubby replied, "Heh?"

I told him the brief details my colleague had shared with me and impressed upon him that it was a pretty cheap deal and gosh, isn't it time for our honeymoon or something like that?


But I quickly did an about turn and reasoned that since I didn't enjoy winter or the cold, perhaps it wasn't a good idea. And the gear and equipments we'd have to invest in!

And the cold. 
I hate the cold!

During dinner last night at a friend's wedding, I spoke to Mr Yee who has traveled and done a lot of things that I felt so small and sheltered compared to him. He told me that I SHOULD go to EBC! I should!


Now I can't get this thought out of my head.
I should go, shouldn't I??

But at the back of my mind I'm thinking, "If these activities don't stop, I'm never going to settle down and have a bun in the oven!"

Oh, crap.

Our parents sure must think we're ridiculously selfish not to procreate RIGHT NOW and make the world go round. =P

What do you think, EBC or not to EBC?

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  1. as an avid reader of the blog, i demand that you go and write 15 blogs with loads of picture about the trip.

    after that, another 10 blogs on Nepalese cooking and their awesome food.

    thanks in advance. :)