Monday, September 24, 2012

I Need To Freeze Time

I tried a muffin mix given to me by a friend and gosh, it turned out disastrous! I'm not sure if the muffin mix somehow omitted sugar (wasn't sure because there was no cooking directions on the package!) or the mix had expired.

I threw everything away because they tasted weird.

What a waste of my peanut butter! I added a dollop into each cup, you see, thinking hey, peanut butter and chocolate should go, innit?

I need a break.

In all honesty, I need to freeze time so I can organise myself properly and have enough time to clear up all the backlog in my life, for both personal and work issues.

Give me 48 hours, perhaps?

I cannot not run, because I need to keep my weight down and keep fit. Well, OK, I have races to train for as well.

I cannot work late because it isn't safe to stay back late at the office, especially when I park my car at Dataran Merdeka. It is also unfortunate (good and bad, I suppose) that I can't bring my work home as I need to refer to tons of physical files.

I can't just not sleep because sleep is important, right? Or I'd fall sick and that would make things worse.

I know, you're going tell me it's all about priority and time management etc but man, I suck at it.

I can't imagine how I'm going to rearrange everything else if I have kids in the future. I'd need a personal assistant to organise my life and do things for me!

Anyway, I was at the World of Sports at Paradigm Mall yesterday and I bumped into a few people.Yeah, I felt like my fame and popularity has increased by 0.005% since ... well, just recently.

My friend, CJ asked whether I was selling something. I had to laugh because sure I may be promoting Brooks' shoes (and Skechers soon) like crazy but no, I'm not an ambassador for Salomon products. I was just there to buy a pair of Salomon tights, CJ!

[Salomon, if you're reading this, I really love your tights! So if you need me to do a review for you, you can send me a pair or two and I'd be happy to indulge. Thanks! ;D]

Are you peeps shying away from me now, like how I try to shy away from aggressive sales people on the street? ;D

Out of the blue, someone asked me where my hubby was and it took me a moment to recognise the man who asked me this. Ah, okay. Michael!


Yes, it takes such simple things (like socialising) as the above to make me smile and be happy. It's always nice to bump into friends and have a quick catch up or two. ;)

I really really really REALLY really want to write my TMBT race report but the  top part of my blog post sums up my current situation - no time to sort out so much stuff in a day! Arggghhh. I'm already trying to squeeze in enough sleep in a day yet I wake up lethargic every morning and then lug myself to work and then ...

Enough whining, woman.

Time to go to work.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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