Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brooks Run Happy Profiles

Brooks aims to keep things simple yet maintain a spirited and celebratory atmosphere, ensuring that its users have fun ALL the time while on the road.

Hence the tagline.

It's pretty cool that some of my non-running friends have heard of Brooks and know that this brand has been established for a while. I heard of Brooks about 10 years ago but had never bought anything from them until 2 years back.

At that time, I thought their prices were rather steep.

Hey, I was still studying, you know! 

I'll be starting a short series of posts featuring some Run Happy Runners whom I know own a pair (or three) Brooks shoes. Perhaps you and your friends will be convinced that by choosing Brooks shoes as your vehicle towards a good run, you will go out and nab yourself a pair ASAP.

Who knows. ;)

Stay tuned, folks!

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