Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brooks Run Happy Profile: Steph Chin

Brooks Run Happy Profiles is a short series of mini interviews of people who run with Brooks.

Meet my friend, Steph!
Steph is a bubbly girl who enjoys the outdoors from a little jog in the park to swimming with the fishes in the ocean. She believes in keeping fit and having a balanced lifestyle - all work and no play will is just oh so boring!

1. do you enjoy jogging/running?
of course! it's a great way to relief stress and keep the doctors away. and sometimes, just like most golfers do, i tend to get inspiration and fresh ideas in the midst of running too.

(And when are you joining the Dutamas Runners for a run again? ;D)

2. what was your favourite event and why.
you mean running right? :) 
ermm I think it has to be the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2010 where i participated in the 10km women open category. it was the most well organized and detailed running event ever! running the 10km felt like a breeze, not to mention the colourful pom pom girls kept me distracted as they were running together with the crowd.

3. is it easier to work out the body and sweat it our to watch what you eat?
i think there is no easier way and it should be a combination of both. i love my food (I'm malaysian!) and it's hard to give it up; I love the feeling after a good workout but the challenge has always been the motivating factor. Especially after a tiring day at work all I can think of is my bed instead of putting on my running shoes!

4. so show us what's your current pair of Brooks shoes. tell us what you think?
I have a pair of Brooks Ariel as I've been blessed with flat feet and bunions. It gives better stability and comfort, my pasts trainers could never last more than 2 years due to my protruding bunions, just imagine. Although Brooks Ariel is considerably heavier in weight, sprinting never felt easier :)

5. if you could organise a running event, what and how would it be?
err never thought of it haha but if i had to organize one, i would pick somewhere exotic like an island or a safari of sort :)

(Great idea!)

You can follow her blog right here.

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