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KL Rat Race 2012

Pre-race anxiety post is here.

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012.

This year's KL Rat Race was one of the most nerve-wrecking events for me and I was just jittery and tummyache-y from all the anxiety.

It was one of my teammate's desire to see me complete the race in 23 minutes (which is ridiculously impossible for me!) in order for our team to retain its Champion title for the Mixed category.

Anyway, I made a mistake of choosing XS for my corporate shirt and boy, it was a tight squeeze at the armpits. I joked with my colleagues that either it was going to tear while I swing my arms in fury as I'm running, or I'd have to be sexy, with the top 2 buttons off to reveal my sports bra as I'm running. ;D

Thankfully the shirt stayed in place.

It was extremely hot and humid. We were hoping for some drizzle to cool us down while we waited for the CEOs to complete their dash but no such luck.

Adam, Khairol and I had teased each other earlier, saying that we'd pace each other. Of course we were being silly, because we all knew that deep down inside us, we'd be doing our best to outrun our previous best (timing).

As the horn blasted the flag off, everyone scrambled across the start line and onto the road.

I tried not to speed up too quickly but 500m into the run, I couldn't help but to notice Chae Yin and Renee ahead of me. Hey, where did they come from!

I slowly inched pass them and tried to stick to my target pace, and soon I was panting away as I arrived at Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Checked my watch and saw that I was running at 4:xx mins/km. 
What?! Something must be wrong somewhere.

I decided to keep going and ran hard.

Reaching Jalan P. Ramlee and past Beach Club, I tried not to panic.

I knew from previous experience that I couldn't even handle the gentle incline and would gasp for breath just as I'd reach the Jalan Ampang junction.

Tried not to think too much and just kept on going.

Didn't spot a single CIMB supporter along the way.
Good. At least I didn't have to look like a dying fish out of water.

Oh wait, I waved at Pey Lee who was standing with a group of Maxis supporters.

OK, continue running. Must *pant* try to  *wheeze* look good *gasp*.

Arriving at the water station, I frowned as I grabbed a bottle of water.

WHY are they giving out bottles of water? 
I don't need a whole bottle, I just a need a cup!

Just wastage!

Halfway through the route, and I still felt good.
Which was rare. Hmm.

As I ran past Concorde Hotel, I prayed I would continue strong.

Please, please, please, don't pancit!

I was getting a bit tired already, so I'm not sure if I slowed down or not. I know at 3km I was surprised to see that I was still going at a sub5 pace, which was really RARE for me.

Running past Shangri-la Hotel and towards AmBank Building now, I felt myself slowing down already. 

And then I spotted the group of CIMB supporters on the right.
Had to keep going.
Straightened my posture and waved at them as they cheered.

I was trying to count how many girls had run past me, or how many girls I had ran past when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the girl from Astro overtaking me at AmBank Building.

Do I need to speed up now, I asked myself.

Not yet, I told myself.
But just stay close to her, ok?

So I did.
I kept close to her to until ...

Oh hey!
I waved to Raymond / tomatoman who was by the side of the road.

Shell station?
No, not yet.

Just after running past the Shell station, I finally decided that I had slowed down too much and it was time to press on the accelerator.

And pray I would not pancit uphill towards the finish line.
(I prayed really hard!)

I took a deep breath and opened up my stride.
I did my best not to look back.

I just ran and ran.

And ran hard.

I overtook the guy and as I ran uphill, I prayed that no girl was going to suddenly shoot pass me and overtake me just at the finish line.

(Looking at the pictures later did I realise that Sophie was just right behind me!)

(I also prayed that Tey or whoever was not at the finish line to take ugly running pictures of me, but sadly Chuah Sakura has awful ones of me. :( )

As I crossed the finish line, Seng Chor was the first to greet me with a "Wah, so fast ah you! 24mins something!"

I couldn't help but to grin.

As I looked around for my teammates, I couldn't help but to be pleased with myself. OK, it wasn't that great a timing but I was just surprised that I was able to maintain my pace all the way.

Adam greeted me at the finish line like a proud coach. :)

So I wasn't an individual winner, but I was immensely pleased with my timing as it's a personal best indeed.


Trust the GPS to go wonky!
I suspected it was going to happen but too be out by 400m is crazy!
I wasn't even sure whether my pace is accurate now but nevertheless, I think that's too fast!

Trust me to look like a dingdong in the newspaper!

I felt good after the run and the next day as well.
Amazing what long distance trail running can do to you!

I love my Skechers GORun Ride! Surprisingly I did not suffer any blisters this time. Phew!
2010 race report is here.
2009 race report is here, which is virtually nothing. ;D

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