Monday, October 29, 2012

Skechers Gobionic - First Take

Teaser post here.

First take
When I first tried on the GObionic at Skechers' office in August, I couldn't help but to fall in love with them immediately

They fitted like a glove, so perfect.

I wanted to gasp with pleasure, my eyes just lit up, but was afraid that Adeline would think I was wacky.

I never felt this way before, I think.  Or I can't remember when was the last time I felt this way.
The GObionic just wrapped around my feet like a perfect fit.

Of course, I was naturally wary with minimalist shoes as I don't believe they're for everyone, including myself. In fact, I've always believed that I'm more of a casual runner, with the occasional need for support.

But I wanted them badly, just because they fit like a glove and well, it was love at first fit!

Oh, I don't like the round laces, though.

The unassuming pair of black shoes wouldn't have caught my attention on any other given day.

The colour. It's so ... blah.

But Adeline of Skechers Malaysia explained that the seeder's pair of women's Skechers Gobionic was only available in black. 

I understand that they will be available at all Skechers stores in Malaysia from November onwards and rest assured that they will be bright and colourful. Phew! ;)

Skechers' GObionic is best described as the company's most minimalistic design ever without compromising performance.

With a zero heel drop, your entire foot remains low to the ground in a natural position. 

You won't believe me if I tell you that they are pretty light - you'll have to see my earlier teaser post where one shoe is slightly more than 100gms!

The material remains lightweight and very breathable. It fits like a second skin, enveloping your foot to react and move easily.

The tongue has a slight reflective strips which I'm not sure would be very obvious once the laces are tied up properly.

The outer sole has 18 Resalyte(TM) cushioning zones which are added to the key flex points of the foot. They help to protect the bones and muscles from the impact of your foot landing as it will flex accordingly.

Ultimately responsive yet lightweight.

The generous toe box and vamp area allows the toes and foot so much more freedom of motion than in bulkier restrictive shoes.

You can even wriggle your toes freely.

Unlike the GORun Ride, the Mstrike pads here are less prominent. You won't feel them at all as you slip your feet into these shoes.

You may, however, find an odd tiny pebble or two stuck in between the grooves which won't interfere with your performance anyway. ;D

Like the GORun and GORun Ride, the GObionic has a removable insole and with a smooth comfortable interior where you can opt to go sockless if you want to.

The mesh upper is coated with 3M Scotchgard protection, making it resistant to oil and water. It also makes cleaning easier.

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