Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Caesars, Hilarys

Gosh, enough about running stuff eh.

I don't want my non-running friends to grimace with boredom and slowly stop reading my blog so here you go, a holiday post!

Saturday, 12th May 2012 - Perth.

Just the day before we left, we took a road trip with both VK and Ken's families. We spent the day in Fremantle before driving up to Hilarys for tea.

I'm not sure how we ended up there but Nija was insisted we go to Hilarys and enjoy tea on her behalf!

So off we went, with Ken at the wheel. I think it was a pretty long drive from Fremantle and I had a hard time staying awake in the back seat. (I tend to doze off during long car journeys, anyway.)

Due to recommendations, we chose Little Caesars for their dessert pizzas.

The ordering was left to both of us.

You can check out their menu online here.

While waiting for the food to arrive. ;D

We ordered the Caremello Sam.

Custard, brown sugar, bananas, macadamias, almonds, caramel sauce, icing sugar.

The other one was Mudhoney.

Chocolate mud cake, honey, chocolate sauce, white, milk and dark chocolate buttons, icing sugar.

Sinful, eh.
I loved the chocolatey goodness. Yummeh.

Men are generally not into sweets but hey, we drove all the way there for it so they'd better enjoy it!

We thought we would need to pack some home for the wives, but somehow or rather, we managed to devour both the pizzas.

We decided to walk off our heavy tea before making the journey back home.

(Hilarys is a northern coastal suburb of Perth, overlooking the Indian Ocean.)

The 3 men in black.

The sun and the sand.

And the blue blue skies!

OK, who wants to make dessert pizzas right now?

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