Tuesday, May 22, 2012

V Burger - East Vic Park, Perth

We arrived in Perth on the red eye flight from KL via Airasia on Saturday, 5th May 2012.

At 530am, VK greeted us outside the arrival halls and it was good to see him again, just after seeing him a week before in KL.

We hung around at his home before I surrendered for a short nap, which lasted about 2 hours. Aaaah, that marked the beginning of a holiday!

He took us to East Victoria Park for lunch and I was secretly excited.

Jumping up and down in the inside, to be exact.

I don't know why but maybe it felt great to be away from work!
Or maybe the skies were just beautifully blue in Perth!

Or maybe I was just hungry and eager for some food. ;)

(Hey hey, it rhymed!)

Their motto: "Prepared with love ... Served with passion ..."

I took the liberty to snap a picture of the menu, just in case one of you happen to be around the area some time. *shrug* Who knows?

Guess which one caught my eye?

It was almost 1pm and I guess I must say we were lucky enough to find a table to ourselves.

Fresh onion rings served with aioli.
Too fresh that I felt it was a bit too oily. The guys enjoyed it, though.

This is mine!
Have you guessed my order yet?

VK was thinking of ordering the one I ordered but since I called it first, he had to choose something else. ;D

His was the Guacaloumi.

I ordered the Halloveen, because the pumpkin and feta cheese and basil pesto just hooked and reeled me in.

When the burger arrived, it just looked too tall to fit into my mouth that I had to tear it apart.

Did you know that I'm a pretty messy eater? ;)

I ended up give YB one half. Boo.

YB went for the F.B.A (Full Blooded Aussie) because he said, "Might as well! I'm in Aussie, right?"

Fried egg and bacon and a slice of beetroot (eeyucks!) on a bed of rocket. Something like that.

He said that mine was delicious. ;)

It was a satisfying meal, although the portion looked deceivingly small. 

From the reviews I found online, V Burger Bar is pretty much on par with other burger joints around Perth, like Burger Bistro and Jus Burger

I'm not sure how their burgers fare but they were always packed with customers!

Mmmmm ... I kept thinking of my pumpkin burger during my entire stay in Perth!

I'm so easy to impress!

Other reviews:
urbanspoon gives it an 87%!

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