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Orang Asli Trail Run 2012

Saturday - April 28th, 2012.

The Orang Asli Trail Run was in its second year running. This time, it had about 180 participants crowding the small Orang Asli village in Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama.

Registration fee was RM35 per person with no running vest and water station in the jungle. There were, of course, some food and drinks after the run. Tshirts were for sale. All proceeds go towards the village.

 Eeny, meeny, miny, mo!

 So, who do you think was the most overdressed for a trail run? ;D

The organisers briefed us on the trail we were about to run. Karen on the left, and Dzul on the right.

Karen is one momma I aspire to be, after having 2 kids! C'mon, no way I know I can be that skinny after pregnancy ... *cross fingers*

 At the beginning we ran on the road. Everyone was still warming up.

Running through an area which I think is being prepared for the Orang Asli's home stay project.

The first river crossing.

It was amusing to see some people take off their socks and shoes to cross the river barefoot, and then put them all on again on the other side of the river. =)

 Blue skies!

 That's my orang asli over there. ;D

Crossing the bamboo bridge. 

A colourful butterfly caught our eye. But that stop cost some people some blood - the leeches pounced! 

I absolutely LOVED the nice neat trail which was deliberately cleared for us. It was also nice and cooling that early morning, which made it a very lovely run indeed.

 I love the drawing of the iguana the most!

(photo credit: Dondang Ida)

(source/photo credit: Andrew C.H. Hsien)

Nearing the end of our run (we didn't know it at that time), we came across the final stream crossing where our route was blocked by the kiddies.

The kiddies were ready to ambush us with pails of water!
(See the lady's posture - it was so funny! She was asking to be excused from this 'punishment' but her request was not heeded.)

(source/photo credit: Andrew C.H. Hsien)

Even the boy refused to let go of YB! Hahaha!

(source/photo credit: Yap Eng Hui)

(source/photo credit: Yap Eng Hui)

This is really hilarious - the dog was not amused with our antics!

Tshirt sale was very good. By the time I queued up to purchase a few, they ran out of blue!

I nicked one because I was hungry. ;D

A quick "After" photo before YB and I rushed back home to get ready for our trip back to KK.

The event was a short one, and we clocked less than 7km, which puzzled us. We were expecting about 10 - 12km and didn't expect an under distance run. Karen said she altered the first part of the route, and perhaps we should have done 2 loops!

Well, since we were enjoying our run so much, I don't think YB and I would have made it out in time had we ran 2 loops. Traffic was a bit busy when coming out of Jalan Gombak and gawd, were we stressed out in the car.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and had no qualms about driving out of town and supporting the event (for charity).

I am pleased to report that I survived the run leech free! 

I prayed hard that it wouldn't rain on Friday so the trail wouldn't be damp on Saturday. Phew!!

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